How Digibee Is Enabling Organizations To Scale Up Integration Architectures

By Amit Chowdhry ● May 5, 2023

Digibee is a rapidly growing enterprise integration platform as a service company. Last month Digibee hired Matt Durham as the head of market strategy. To learn more about the company and the role as the head of market strategy, Pulse 2.0 interviewed Durham.

Matt Durham’s Background

Matt Durham

Matt Durham has over 25 years in a variety of roles in a variety of enterprise software companies, mostly ERP and middleware where the roles largely focused on market strategy. Durham went to work for his first middleware company in 2000 and has enjoyed seeing the technology mature over the last two decades, all while remaining as critical as ever.

The Idea Behind Digibee

Digibee started by determining that a problem that their customers wanted to solve over and over was the process of integrating applications and processes. Digibee enables organizations to build flexible and highly scalable integration architecture. Digibee is a single product company— the Digibee Integration Platform is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

“We focus on helping our customers solve challenges associated with keeping data consistent when it is moved from one software system to another and on integrating processes across multiple software systems,” said Durham. “In addition to a lot of specific functional improvements driven by customer requirements, we have really focused on enhancing the developer’s experience in our platform. We have done that by making our platform low-code, so that developers can quickly build integrations that are less prone to human errors during the development process and by offering testing and monitoring capabilities within the same developer palette.”


Digibee has raised over $38 million, $25 million of which was raised in February 2022 in a series A round.

Customer Success Story

When I asked Durham about any customer success stories, Durham cited the company’s work with the shoe company Payless. Digibee helped Payless integrate its point-of-sale system across over 200 stores in 15 countries in under 30 days just prior to Black Friday.

Customer Feedback

I asked Durham about customer feedback that Digibee has received.

“We have a very high customer retention rate which we attribute to, among other things, the ease of use we offer developers. We also pride ourselves on having a positive culture inside the company that our customers experience when we work with them,” Durham noted. “Our customers are pleased with the capabilities of our platform and of course provide us with great guidance on how to enhance our capabilities.”

Differentiation From Competition

“We strongly believe that the developer experience we provide is highly differentiated,” Durham explained when I asked him about how Digibee is differentiated from the competition. “We also offer the ability to deploy our platform anywhere; we are built and natively run in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and are able to offer our customers the ability to run our platform on Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.”

Future Company Goals

I asked Durham about the company’s future goals.

“Digibee wants to help organizations in the U.S. with critical and challenging transformation initiatives,” Durham reflected. “We think that while it is impossible to reliably predict the future, we are very confident that organizations will continue to need great integration technology to achieve their goals — strategic and tactical. Our goal is to be the integration provider of choice, nothing less.”