Digital Customer Experience Platform Airkit Raises $40 Million

By Dan Anderson ● May 26, 2021
  • Airkit — a low-code Digital Customer Experience platform —  announced recently that it has raised an additional $40 million Series B investment led by EQT Ventures. These are the details.

Airkit — a low-code Digital Customer Experience platform —  announced recently that it has raised an additional $40 million Series B investment led by EQT Ventures with additional investments from Accel, Emergence Capital, Salesforce Ventures, and other existing shareholders. And the new Series B round will be used to accelerate the company’s investments in go-to-market and product development.

Known as the industry’s first low-code platform purpose-built for customer experience, Airkit enables any brand to rapidly build hyper-personalized customer journeys for sales, service, or support that continue a single thread across any conversation channel. And the company debuted out of stealth mode in October with $28 million in funding and has experienced rapid adoption of its low-code Digital Customer Experience (DCX) platform in the 6 months since launch. Fortune 500 companies and leading brands like Principal Financial, Turo, OpenTable, Royal Automotive Club, and SkipTheDishes are building end-to-end customer journeys with Airkit that drive digital self-service 40X faster for their customers.

Brands that deliver great customer experience have a competitive advantage and research shows that US consumers are 370% more likely to buy more from a company with “very good” CX than “very poor” CX. Plus Forrester predicts that digital customer interactions will increase by 40% this year. The challenge for companies will be the growing backlog of digital projects and scarcity of engineering talent. And according to Forrester, the US will have a deficit of over 500,000 software developers. Through Airkit, brands innovate and develop effortless digital customer experiences up to 40x faster.

Along with the Series B funding, Airkit debuted the new Kittyhawk release of its Digital Customer Experience Platform. Kittyhawk offers a fast front-end development experience featuring more pre-built data models, and templates, and additional API-based integrations. And this release makes it even easier to build a range of use-cases like customer onboarding, dynamic digital forms, payment capture, WISMO, service dispatch, call deflection, and more.


“The stakes for innovating and delivering effortless digital customer experiences are higher than ever. COVID-19 accelerated the pre-existing consumer transition to digital. From shopping to banking, brands that have delivered personal, modern experiences have won big. Every business leader should have a strategy to go digital faster in a way that delights the consumer. In just six months, we’ve onboarded leading brands across financial services, insurance, consumer, travel and government, who are now leapfrogging their competitors.”

— Stephen Ehikian, co-founder and CEO of Airkit

“It’s incredibly exciting when you come across a company that understands and empowers brands at such a highly-personalized level, and through the hyper-growth market of low-code. Airkit unlocks siloed customer data to deliver those customized, multi-channel experiences that are powered by a brands’ existing systems. Through this out-of-the-box functionality, the company has the promise to supercharge innovation and potentially re-order the competitive landscape for consumer brands.”

— Laura Yao, Partner at EQT Ventures

“Airkit’s low-code approach to digital self-service is taking us to heights that no one has ever reached before. There’s simply no one else in the market building the kind of solutions at the breadth and speed we offer. With 40x faster time-to-market, Airkit’s customers have a huge competitive advantage in delivering digital buying and service experiences that today’s consumers demand.”

— Adam Evans, Airkit’s co-founder and CTO

“Airkit’s low-code Digital Customer Experience Platform is a proven last mile solution for Salesforce customers to quickly turn their data into hyper-personalized digital customer experiences. Now, our joint customers in industries like insurance, banking and retail are connecting with their customers in new digital ways for sales, service and support, using Airkit’s agile solution.”

— Bill Patterson, EVP of CRM at Salesforce

“This solution allowed us to move quickly and provide exceptional customer experiences for our clients without the heavy burden of complicated technology resources.” 

– Marty Sarim, CEO of ERC (Enhanced Resource Centers)

“Airkit’s platform has over 50 building blocks and preconfigured templates which make it easy to build and test workflows in weeks instead of months.” 

– Dennis Pavlina, Inbound Marketing at Bench Accounting

“By automating our restaurant onboarding process, Airkit helped us scale to meet unprecedented demand and accelerated onboarding by 3X.” 

– Steve Puchala, Senior Vice President at SkipTheDishes