Digital Learning Platform Engageli Raises $33 Million

By Noah Long ● May 16, 2021
  • Engageli — a purpose-built digital learning platform designed to provide superior learning experiences for students and instructors across higher education — announced it raised a $33 million Series A funding round. These are the details.

Engageli — a purpose-built digital learning platform designed to provide superior learning experiences for students and instructors across higher education — announced it raised a $33 million Series A funding round, which was co-led by Maveron and Corner Ventures. And additional investors include Good Friends, Educapital, and several prominent individual technology executives. 

All the VC firms that had invested in Engageli’s seed round also participated in the Series A round. And the new capital will be used to further scale Engageli’s product development and fuel its continued growth. This funding round brings Engageli’s total funding to over $47 million.

Engageli was designed from the ground up by educators to offer an inclusive and engaging platform for students and to enable modern pedagogical best practices that drive student success. And the company’s many features include flexible table groups, student note-taking, Q&A, chat functions, and student-instructor feedback loops — all designed to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Students are able to easily interact with their peers and their instructors during and after class as well as collaborate on course projects and materials in real-time and between classes.

As a result of the rapid adoption of online learning solutions, higher education institutions are embracing a hybrid approach to teaching in order to meet the needs of the entire student body. And whether students are learning in-person on campus, attending classes online, pursuing education later in life, or working full- or part-time, Engageli provides them with an engaging and intuitive platform designed to enhance their learning experience.

Engageli had also announced the spring release of its platform, which includes key features such as  attendance tracking, LMS integration, a speaker panel, and co-instructor capabilities. And over the past several months, the company had welcomed Adam Spivak, Senior Vice President, North America Partnerships; Giovanni Dubois, Senior Vice President, Global Partner Success and International Partnerships; and Talia Kolodny, Director, EMEA Partnerships to its executive team.


“Engageli is reimagining digital education. We built Engageli to deliver exceptional student experiences that are personal, engaging, and rooted in learning outcomes. Higher education institutions, instructors, and students are looking towards a future where multiple modalities for learning exist in parallel — in person teaching, synchronous and asynchronous online education, as well as hybrid models. Engageli’s platform is designed to support and enhance all these modalities. Maveron, Corner Ventures, and Good Friends have a proven track record of building successful consumer companies, and we look forward to partnering with them to build a platform that is beloved by students and instructors.”

— Dan Avida, co-founder and CEO of Engageli

“Dan Avida and his team at Engageli, that includes professors, talented technologists, and accomplished ed-tech executives, are uniquely suited to building a digital education solution that actually feels like a classroom and functions even better than some in-person courses. Pandemic or not, every school needs Engageli to drive better outcomes for students, whether they’re taking remote classes full time or opt to tune in digitally when they need the flexibility. We’re passionate about leveling the playing field in higher education, and Engageli’s unique platform will help institutions reach and support the needs of every type of student.”

— Jason Stoffer, Partner at Maveron

“It’s hard to go back once you raise the bar on engagement. With Engageli, I felt the experience was the most like a real classroom. Students are sitting at tables, I can quickly see what they are doing, they can ask others at their table questions, they are chatting and interacting. I finally have an easy way to lead meaningful group work and case studies online. I would choose Engageli over any other existing tool that my university offers.”

— Dr. Theodora Christou, a professor at Queen Mary University of London