Digital Transaction And Video Verification Company Branddocs Buys TrustCloud

By Noah Long • Apr 17, 2023

Branddocs – a provider of secure digital transactions and video verification services – has announced it is acquiring TrustCloud, the world’s first choreographing platform for secure digital transactions, in a move that strengthens its commitment to building trust and confidence in the digital economy.

This newly merged company will trade as TrustCloud while combining former Branddocs’ large client base and its in-house network of fraud detection experts, AI/ML technologies, multi-orchestration capabilities, and the TrustCloud modular platform to deliver a globally compliant, frictionless, and vendor-agnostic user journey. Plus clients include industry leaders such as JPMorgan Chase, Santander, BBVA, Willis Tower Watson, Direct Line, and HDI, and government entities, healthcare providers, and fintech companies.

As the world’s most certified Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP), TrustCloud is effectively shielding clients’ global digital ecosystems, ensuring additional security and compliance at every level of transactional orchestration. And its unique choreographic ability allows for seamless management of high transaction volumes across various geographies while still maintaining an agile and adaptable approach.


“Knowing we can now offer one singular SaaS platform with one API and SLA across all our integrated vendors means our clients can now implement truly global and transformational orchestration solutions for every type of digital transaction – from eSignature to IAM and ID verification to the custody of digital assets in TrustCloud Vault. Our plug and play platform prevents the heartache of vendor lock-in, empowering clients with the freedom to choose any provider with per-transaction pricing. Any existing solution can be seamlessly integrated into TrustCloud’s vendor hub, which means zero interruption to our clients’ infrastructure and services.”

– Branddocs’ CEO, Christoph Sauerwein

“TrustCloud’s unwavering commitment to building trust, coupled with cutting-edge technology and simplification of processes, enables businesses and consumers to engage in online transactions with greater ease and security. Due to our humanistic approach, by prioritising user control and visibility across the digital journey, we are seeing conversion rates significantly increase for our clients.”

– Saioa Echebarria, CEO of TrustCloud