Disprz: AI-Powered Learning And Skilling Suite Company Closes $30 Million

By Dan Anderson • Aug 13, 2023

Disprz – an AI-powered learning and skilling suite – recently announced it had raised $30 million in its Series C funding round led by Lumos Capital and 360 ONE Asset (IIFL), with participation from Kae Capital, KOIS, & Dallas Venture Capital. The funding raised in the round will be utilized for global market expansion and product development using new-age technologies like Generative AI in emerging markets like India and expanding to the US as they have already achieved product market fit.

The company serves industry leaders like Thrasio, Amazon, Mint Dentistry, & others. And since launching in 2015, Disprz has witnessed remarkable growth and is one of few HR tech startups in a Series C segment.

Disprz has established its presence in every continent, serving over 350 organizations and boasting an impressive roster of renowned household brands & industry leaders. The fundraising will enable Disprz to expand its global team, hire data scientists, skilling scientists, and engineers to complement its product capabilities & accelerate success through bigger and local go-to-market teams. The company plans to form solid partnerships and make strategic acquisitions, partnering with the broader learning ecosystem, including HCM players, people reward platforms, learning content players, and assessment players.

The company visualizes itself as a people intelligence suite on a global scale, extending beyond employee skilling to back every stage in an employee’s lifecycle. And the company aims to empower organizations worldwide to advance their workforce potential through skills, data, and personalization.


“The company’s consistent revenue growth, during and after the peak of the pandemic, shows that people’s advancement is recession-proof problem statement within HR tech – it is a core problem of humanity.”

— Kuljit Chadha, Co-Founder & COO, of Disprz

“Disprz is at the forefront of innovation in the learning and skilling space. We are on a mission to equip the workforce for the rapidly changing world, and we solve this mission using a B2B SaaS approach.”

— Subbu Viswanathan, Co-founder & CEO of Disprz

“Disprz provides the rare combination of breadth in product with their Learning Management System, Learning Experience Platform, and Frontline Enablement offerings, to meet a spectrum of customer needs and also depth of product quality to ensure its serving customers with the highest level of product innovation.”

— Rohan Wadhwa, Managing Director of Lumos Capital Group