Distributed Data And Code Sharing Platform Vendia Raises $15.5 Million

By Annie Baker • Feb 16, 2021
  • Vendia — a serverless, distributed data and code sharing platform — announced a $15.5 million in Series A funding round and launched Vendia Share with a free tier for developers. These are the details.

Vendia — a serverless, distributed data and code sharing platform — announced a $15.5 million in Series A funding round and launched Vendia Share with a free tier for developers. The Series A round of funding — which comes only six months after its initial $5.1 million seed round — was led by Canvas Ventures with participation from BMW i Ventures, Sorenson Ventures, and Vendia’s seed stage investors.

Data silos are pervasive within companies and sharing that data in real time with external partners is even more difficult. And Vendia makes sharing real time data and code with partners easy and well-governed at any scale by bringing serverless and distributed ledger concepts together into a simple schema-driven development approach.

Customers like BMW, Best Friends Animal Society, United Natural Foods, and a leading travel industry company use Vendia to build solutions spanning multi-party supply chains, logistics tracking, financial settlements, and to share data powering AI/ML, Edge, and Internet of Things applications with compliance and control.

Vendia has been opening its powerful data and code sharing platform to all developers today at no cost, making multi-region, multi-account, multi-owner distributed applications on AWS as quick and easy as creating a new database table. And developers can use Vendia Share to build applications that allow multiple clients to query, update, and share data in real time with transactional semantics, even when they span accounts, regions, owners, or technology stacks.

Vendia Share further simplifies app development with built-in support for web and mobile apps through automatically generated GraphQL APIs, fine-grained authorization and identity solutions out of the box, and code-free integration support for AWS Lambda, Amazon SQS, Amazon S3, and other cloud services.

The company was founded by Dr. Tim Wagner, formerly General Manager and creator of Lambda at AWS, and Shruthi Rao, formerly Head of Business Development for Blockchain at AWS. And with its Series A investment, Vendia is now fast tracking its go-to-market strategies, opening new sales channels, and growing its engineering teams to expand the Vendia platform to additional cloud service providers, including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.


“Developers have struggled to build applications that can span multiple regions and accounts and that can keep application data consistent, versioned, and well governed over time. With this latest round, we’re looking forward to accelerating the development of the Vendia platform and growing our engineering team to give developers and customers an effortless way to share data across multiple parties with fine-grained control and a single source of truth.”

— Tim Wagner, CEO and Cofounder, Vendia

“Fortune 500 companies are struggling to share data across internal siloes, let alone share data securely. An increasing pace of regulatory requirements adds further complexity, with nearly 80% of business data living outside of an organization’s four walls. After scouring the DataOps landscape, we were impressed by Vendia’s turn-key data-sharing solution, enabling organizations to share data immutably at scale—with just a few lines of code. AWS powerhouses Tim Wagner (Lambda’s founder) and Shruthi Rao (Managed Blockchain) have joined forces to build a state-of-the-art serverless-blockchain platform that is poised to be the new standard for data sharing.”

— Grace Isford, Investor, Canvas Ventures

“The automotive industry, including BMW, relies heavily on partners for flawless execution. A shared view of data between partners is critical for responding to market changes such as Covid. The beauty of Vendia’s technology is that it combines the scalability of serverless computing with the security of distributed ledger technology. This means enterprises can build a data exchange system that scales with whatever project they are working on while ensuring full control over access to their data. Vendia will truly usher in the next generation of data exchange and collaboration across corporate partners.”

— Kasper Sage, Partner at BMW i Ventures

“Ending the killing in US animal shelters by the end of 2025 is our goal at Best Friends Animal Society. To effectively care for shelter pets and find them forever homes, the animal welfare community needs reliable, trustworthy, and real-time data. We are now able to build applications that return more lost pets to their families, know where shelters might euthanize for space and help them by moving those animals, and easily exchange mission critical data among organizations and between applications using Vendia’s platform.”

— Angie Embree, CIO, Best Friends Animal Society

“Successful design projects depend on the effective collaboration of a diverse project team assimilating intense volumes of design information from a wide variety of sources. Vendia automates these processes while adding document and revision tracking, all within a new collaborative workspace shared by the entire project team. We expect this platform to dramatically reduce manual reconciliation work and create much-needed visibility for the Architecture and Construction industry.”

— John Matz, Managing Principal, Matz Collaborative Architects