Dock Health: HIPAA-Compliant Task Management Company Lands $5 Million In Funding

By Noah Long ● Jun 12, 2023

Dock Health – the administrative hub for healthcare professionals – announced $5 million in funding led by MassMutual through its MM Catalyst Fund (MMCF) with participation from DaVita Venture Group and initial seed investor August Capital. This new round of funding will grow its administrative hub for healthcare from its initial task and workflow management platform to a more powerful automation engine and robust analytics platform with new integrations to drive administrative best practices.

The company is seeking to reduce the onslaught of administrative tasks that are currently required while managing highly complex patients. And by more effectively tracking and managing administrative requirements, clinicians are better positioned to direct their focus on delivering outstanding patient care. Founded within the innovation department at Boston Children’s Hospital and spun out in 2020, Dock addressed an internal need to better collaborate between the clinical and administrative halves of care delivery.

Along with growing Dock Health’s employee base, the new funding propels its roadmap forward with large-scale product and technical developments, including:

— Integrations marketplace – Dock’s ever-growing apps marketplace of EHRs and productivity solutions allows organizations to seamlessly sync patient, business and organizational data and processes in one place. And for tech-enabled partners, Dock’s APIs allow the platform to connect to internal and external data streams and embed them within their systems and workflows.

— AI-powered workflows – Dock’s proprietary SmartFlow replaces the time-honored paper flow diagram with a digital and scalable process map complete with automations, branching logic, dependencies and time delays. And the next generation of workflows in Dock will be developed and supported by AI tools.

— Analytics + insights dashboard – Dock is able to capture novel data on the processes and workforces supporting highly reliable and efficient patient care. And its future analytics and insights will provide visibility into the bottlenecks and inefficiencies of care teams and workflows surfacing new possibilities for providing more effective and efficient care.

— Administrative best practices community – Thousands of healthcare providers use Dock every day to help keep healthcare moving forward. And Dock will give users the opportunity to share best practices, brand their own content, ask questions to like-minded groups, and even upvote the best protocols, help articles, process improvements, and reviews.

Dock Health is a HIPAA-compliant workflow management platform “For The Other Half Of Healthcare” — which is the administrative side of care delivery. And Dock reduces dropped balls and care delays, eliminates administrative friction through process improvements and accountability, and delivers better patient care.

From managing complex workflows and protocols to tracking phone calls, emails, prior authorizations, and forms, the company gets the clinical and administrative teams on the same page and accelerates processes with workflow automation and meaningful integrations. And clinical care and outcomes must be matched with efficient, accountable, automated administrative work – made possible by enabling every healthcare professional with the right tools, processes, and connectivity to do their jobs.

Dock Health’s web and mobile platform was developed at Boston Children’s Hospital to solve a problem experienced in nearly every clinical environment in healthcare. Spun out in 2020, Dock Health accelerated growth during the pandemic with robust APIs and professional services to demonstrate immediate value and help healthcare providers adopt quickly and easily.


“The MM Catalyst Fund provides catalytic funding for high-impact companies that are helping to solve problems that will make positive societal impacts, We are inspired by Dock Health’s vision to eliminate friction, rampant throughout the healthcare delivery system, with a platform that reduces disparities in health outcomes and stabilizes the provider community. With its roadmap and scalable business model, we believe that Dock is uniquely positioned to revolutionize how healthcare is administered.”

— Jason Allen, Portfolio Manager of Impact Investments at MassMutual

“We believe our vision at Dock Health aligns with the missions of the MM Catalyst Fund and DaVita in supporting better outcomes, reduced costs, and better provider and patient experiences. We’re thrilled with the opportunity to propel Dock into the next phase of our journey, enhancing our technology and building out our team to better support the needs of healthcare organizations looking to provide more efficient, highly-reliable, and accountable care.”

“As a practicing pediatric gastroenterologist, I was acutely aware of the lack of a platform where I could securely manage all the tasks for my patients and collaborate with my clinical and administrative colleagues. I felt overwhelmed, as most clinicians do, by the amount of administrative steps associated with delivering the best care to my patients. I wanted one place that integrated with my other systems to capture the essential but mundane to-dos, automate repetitive tasks, and illuminate where the patient was in their care journey.”

— Dr. Michael Docktor, CEO and co-founder of Dock Health

“Our model of care centers around the complex needs of kidney care patients, which requires seamless, connected data flows and easy communications among many care providers. We expect that the powerful capabilities of Dock Health will help support our mission to be the provider and partner of choice.”

— Dr. Adam Weinstein, chief medical information officer for DaVita