Doppler: $2.3 Million Funding And Launching Of Universal Secrets Manager

By Annie Baker ● October 9, 2020
  • Universal Secrets Manager Doppler has raised $2.3 million in seed funding led by Sequoia Capital

Doppler is a company that has launched the industry’s first Universal Secrets Manager. And Doppler works across every language, stack, and infrastructure, increasing developer productivity while strengthening a company’s overall security. Early adopters, including Stripe, Point Banking, Snackpass, Kopa, and Convictional, utilize Doppler to securely store secrets such as API keys, credentials, ENV variables, and database URLs.

The company also raised $2.3 million in seed funding led by Sequoia Capital with participation from Kleiner Perkins, Abstract Ventures, Soma Capital, and several others. And individual influencers also participated in financing, including Aaron Levie, Peter Thiel, Nat Friedman, Dylan Field, Kevin Hartz, Greg Brockman, Jeremy Stoppelman, and Ben Porterfield, among several others.

In an effort to stay competitive, startups must move fast to deliver the best product, application, and/or solution available. And unfortunately meeting aggressive timelines can require compromised security measures especially if available products are cumbersome or create roadblocks.

These practices are even more prominent when managing secrets during the development process. And to keep developers from passing an organization’s most valuable secrets through copy-paste, Slack, and git-commit, companies have two choices – build a secrets manager in-house, which is very costly, time-consuming, and fraught with risk, or implement a less agile and hard to use solution.


“As a FinTech company, security and reliability are paramount. Doppler has been critical in maintaining the integrity of our secrets while being extremely easy to use. It’s by far the best secrets management tool I’ve ever used and integrating it into our CI/CD pipeline was a breeze.”

— Kenan Pulak, CTO of Point Banking

“Doppler set out to build the first secrets manager loved by developers. Other secure systems were too slow and nearly unusable while developing locally. Doppler is different. It is fast, designed for local development and built for simplicity. We believe the right secrets manager will make every developer more productive while increasing the overall security of the company.”

— Brian Vallelunga, founder and CEO of Doppler

“Today’s developers deserve a simple, yet secure universal secrets manager. Doppler captures the entire life cycle of secrets management and makes it easy for developers to integrate Doppler into their workflow, no matter what tools or infrastructure they use. We’re thrilled to partner with Brian and the team at Doppler, at its Seed round, to create a new category around secrets management.” 

— Stephanie Zhan, Partner at Sequoia