Draper Round Table And DraperX Merge To Advance Investments In High-Tech Domains

By Amit Chowdhry • Nov 19, 2023

Draper Round Table – a web3 deals syndication platform backed by Silicon Valley investor and Bitcoin investor Tim Draper, along with NBA All-Star Baron Davis – recently announced it has merged under the DraperX syndication platform, which offers family offices the opportunity to invest directly in highly vetted deals alongside Draper and 150+ select funds.

This merger will afford new opportunities for DraperX and Draper Round Table, offering a path for ground-breaking investments in space tech and healthcare domains. The collective strength from this unification is expected to accelerate the realization of ambitious projects, with more to be unveiled in the coming months.

Draper Round table co-founder and general partner Siddarth Sridhar, Davis, and the team will join DraperX as strategic advisors relating to sector-specific syndication and platform growth as Draper X begins to shift its focus beyond family offices and co-investments to fund operations and corporate connections.

The newcomers to the investment realm can become a part of the Draper Ecosystem, gaining the eligibility to invest alongside seasoned venture capitalists from the Draper Network on the exclusive deal-sharing platform DraperX. And they will also have the opportunity to become potential limited partners in other funds within the Network. DraperX was engineered to ease the entry of family offices into the venture capital landscape, enabling them to invest in ventures of their preference.


“Being acquired by DraperX comes at a pivotal moment for us, especially following our phenomenal syndications with companies like LunarCrush, where we co-led their $5M Series A, and a few deals still to be announced, all in the span of just one year. I couldn’t be more excited to see how we grow in the realm of early-stage investing across various sectors.”

— Co-Founder and General Partner Siddarth Sridhar

“The integration of Draper Round Table into the DraperX ecosystem is a testament to the aligned vision and ambition shared by both entities. They have been one of the most active investors on our platform, with a powerful vision for the future. The road ahead is very exciting.”

— Hambardzum Kaghketsyan, CEO of DraperX

“Draper Round Table was a crucial stepping stone that enabled investors to share deals and deploy capital effectively. Its integration with DraperX now unifies our brand and magnifies our capacity to support promising ventures. This unity is essential for streamlining operations and driving forward our collective investment goals.”

— Tim Draper, Founding Director of both Draper Round Table and DraperX