How DrChrono Is Helping Physicians Provide A Better Patient Experience

By Noah Long ● December 26, 2018

DrChrono is a company that provides physicians with an easier way to manage patients through a platform that can be customizable for all sizes of medical practices. The platform can be used for electronic health records (EHR), practice management, medical billing, revenue cycle management, and patient portal. And DrChrono is known for building the first iPad EHR and its health platform was built for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and the web.

Features included in DrChrono’s platform are customizable medical forms, real-time patient eligibility checks, and e-prescribing. And the App Directory offers a multitude of the latest health care apps that practices can utilize. And developers can use an API to build apps on its platform as well.


Photo: DrChrono

Recently, DrChrono raised $10 million in venture debt to accelerate growth, invest in the technology platform, grow market share, and expand engineering, sales, and support. SQN Venture Partners provided the growth capital term loan to DrChrono as the company rapidly expands its business.

“The team at SQN Venture Partners are passionate entrepreneurs who immediately understood our long-term vision with DrChrono and how we are scaling and building a new operating system for healthcare,” said DrChrono co-founder and COO Daniel Kivatinos in a statement. “With our platform and services continuing to evolve and mature, we are poised to accelerate growth, bringing the platform to larger facilities and specialty practices. With this additional funding from SQN, we will be hiring across departments, putting resources in place to ensure DrChrono brings the most innovative technology to clinical care teams.”

DrChrono has been used for booking over 41.6 million patient appointment visits and 13.2 million patients are under the care of DrChrono providers. And over $3 billion in medical claims are being processed through the platform every year.

“DrChrono has clearly demonstrated its value in the market, working with tens of thousands of physicians and millions of patients across the country to provide a better EHR experience,” added SQN founder and managing partner Ryan McCalley. “The company is now ready to move squarely into the enterprise market of larger practices and medical facilities. This funding will help DrChrono execute on its business plan faster, putting more resources into product development with a bigger sales and support team to reach more customers. We’re excited to work with the very senior executive team at DrChrono who has been dominating the mobile EHR space to help them scale the company quickly.”