How Microsegmentation Platform Company Edgewise Networks Reduces Cybersecurity Attacks

By Dan Anderson ● June 13, 2019
  • Edgewise Networks — the industry’s first microsegmentation platform — announced it raised $11 million in funding
  • This funding round was led by existing investors .406 Ventures and Accomplice with additional participation from Pillar

Edgewise Networks — a company that is known as the industry’s first microsegmentation platform based on software identity — announced it raised $11 million in a new round of funding led by existing investors .406 Ventures and Accomplice with additional participation from Pillar.

Edgewise solves a major problem in cybersecurity today, which is the reduction of the network attack surface in cloud and data center environments. Typically, traditional solutions require a complex and expensive process that could take months or even more than a year to complete. And Edgewise automatically protects application workloads in seconds thus adding provable security to hybrid cloud environments.


“Our innovative, patented approach makes microsegmentation — one of the hardest problems in cybersecurity — incredibly simple to implement,” said Edgewise Networks co-founder and CEO Peter Smith. “With Edgewise, companies can operate their applications in hybrid cloud and container environments with peace of mind, knowing that they are protected. This strong support from our investors will enable us to expand to meet the demand for automated microsegmentation.”

Edgewise’s technology taps into machine learning and advanced analytics to enable the rapid discovery of application communication topology and attack pathways. And this real-time visibility allows security teams to microsegment environments with a single click.


“Perimeter defenses are important, but will not be enough,” added TAG Cyber founder and CEO Edward Amoroso. “The enterprise needs to harden the interior through the creation of a zero trust environment that stops malicious lateral communication. Edgewise’s platform simplifies this process, enabling enterprises to eliminate superfluous pathways and microsegment the remaining ones in seconds with ease and confidence, leaving malware that manages to bypass perimeter defenses with no place to go.”

Edgewise’s policies for protecting any application is enforced no matter where it resides whether it is on premises, in the cloud, or in a container. And it remains in effect even as the underlying network changes.

Plus Edgewise provides measurable improvement by quantifying attack path risk reduction and verifying software identity before it communicates — to stop application compromise and data breaches.

“Edgewise has managed to take an extremely complex problem and solve it in a simple, yet extraordinarily powerful way. Edgewise is highly differentiated, incredibly simple and one of the most effective and innovative approaches to advanced network security I’ve seen in a long time,” explained .406 Ventures co-founder and managing partner Maria Cirino.

With this round of funding, Edgewise plans to meet the growing customer demand for its industry-first approach to deploying zero trust using automated one-click microsegmentation. Including this round, Edgewise has raised $18 million to date.

“Edgewise has automated the process of microsegmenting a network with such an elegant, simple solution, that it’s as easy as a single click, and it’s done in a matter of seconds. I cannot overstate how astonishing this is. It’s what excited us in the beginning and continues to excite us today,” noted Accomplice founding partner Jeff Fagnan.