Eggscape Entertainment Closes $4.25 Million In Funding To Develop Mixed Reality Social Games

By Dan Anderson • Feb 2, 2024

Eggscape Entertainment – a new game studio focused on creating social games for mixed reality – announced the completion of a seed round of $4.25 million led by Transcend Fund, with participation from The Venture Reality Fund and strategic angel investor Lautaro Brunatti.

This funding round will be instrumental in advancing the launch of the groundbreaking mixed reality game Eggscape – which has already won several festival awards, including a Lion at La Biennale di Venezia, and earned early praise from media and attendees at GDC and SXSW.

Eggscape Entertainment is a new venture launched by the creative minds behind 3DAR, an animation powerhouse out of Buenos Aires, Argentina. And they are best known for Little Dicky’s viral music video EARTH with over a decade of creating immersive VR experiences like Gloomy Eyes featuring Colin Farrell and Paper Birds featuring Edward Norton.

The company co-founders German Heller, Federico Heller, and Jorge Tereso are trying to deliver a new class of mixed-reality games to consumers. And the Eggscape team also welcomed co-founder Brandon Maseda, who brings extensive startup experience in building breakthrough consumer experiences with new hardware technologies.

Eggscape was designed as a playful and social experience where players explore vibrant interactive environments integrated with the real world. The game also features humor and exciting gameplay that appeal to gamers of all ages. And ensuring infinite replayability for Eggscape and the continued expansion of the Eggverse, players get access to a world-building tool that allows for creating and sharing new creations with friends.

Through multiple expansion packs already under development, like Zombie Castle, Rally Racer, and World Cup, the Eggverse is growing, offering players endless possibilities to extend the gameplay and engage the brand. And with this new funding round, Eggscape Entertainment is set to deliver something new to the world of mixed-reality gaming.


“Mixed reality is the perfect medium to bring fun, social gaming experiences to life. It adds a layer to reality where the imagination has no limits. It’s key to be able to play with friends online or side by side, without isolating oneself from the world outside. You’ll see fun, animated characters running around and surviving wacky situations overlaid on your actual surroundings. It was important for us to create a game with an equal level of innovation and a sense of humor. From the character design to the story, the animation style, and the world; they all share the same tone of absurdity, playfulness, and a sort of happy insanity.”

– German Heller, CEO.

“Eggscape isn’t just a single game; we believe that the Eggscape team is helping define the future of social gameplay for mixed reality. The fusion of mixed reality, Pixar quality animation, and social interactions that Eggscape brings to the table create a new gaming experience we have not seen before. We are beyond excited to support Eggscape Entertainment in this venture.”

– Andrew Sheppard, a partner at Transcend Fund

“Entertainment in mixed reality requires a fresh and novel approach to combine spatial awareness with fun and engaging gameplay. The Eggscape team has already demonstrated a compelling vision to build such a platform.”

– Tipatat Chennavasin, co-founder and General Partner at The Venture Reality Fund