EnjoyHQ Secures $2 Million To Scale User Research For UX Teams

By Noah Long ● August 9, 2019
  • EnjoyHQ recently announced it raised $2 million in seed funding led by Point Nine Capital

EnjoyHQ recently announced it raised $2 million in seed funding led by Point Nine Capital. The Venture City, LocalGlobe, Faber Ventures, Kibo Ventures, Techstars, and Social Capital also joined this round. EnjoyHQ plans to use the funding to deliver a platform that transforms how UX and product teams do research at large scale to support millions of customers.

How does EnjoyHQ work? EnjoyHQ helps make researchers more efficient and enables faster innovation on new features thus putting the most expensive headcount in a company (developers) on the top features for the business. This also makes current and past product decisions easier to share across teams companywide.

“If you believe that software is eating the world, it’s more important than ever to listen to customers and ensure that product and UX teams are learning from customers faster,” said Point Nine Capital partner Rodrigo Martinez. “EnjoyHQ recognized how much faster some organizations are at translating user feedback into insights, and built a platform that unlocks capabilities for any UX or product team with millions of users to scale the understanding of user feedback by streamlining the analysis of research data and the communication of insights.”


And the challenge of scaling millions of units of customer feedback starts with the many disparate systems that the typical company leverages: help desk, chat, customer satisfaction, testing, surveys, and many more. Product and UX teams at companies with millions of customers generally struggle to aggregate, normalize, and segment that feedback data to make it queryable and then make it easy to share those insights.

“We get many thousands of customer feedback per week across various channels,” added Mitchell Gillespie — a senior product leader at Wave Financial. “Before EnjoyHQ, we had data living in various systems. We’d run primitive exercises to consolidate our qualitative data into Excel with customer behavior insights to segment and search and find customer feedback that would impact our product development cycles the most.  EnjoyHQ makes it a lot faster to get this data in a format that is easy to segment and query, and find the insights that matter to our business.”

The EnjoyHQ platform ingests data from all of the most popular SaaS tools the typical product team uses including Delighted, Drift, Intercom, Salesforce, etc. But as a platform, EnjoyHQ goes far beyond the aggregation, filtering, and querying of customer feedback. It also focuses on providing workflow for research professionals to share “Stories” and “Knowledge Graphs.”

“Without EnjoyHQ, your decisions are much more ad hoc and less data driven,” explained Trifacta Principal Researcher Megan Kierstead. “Companies default to rely on anecdotes and making decisions based on hunches. To be much more customer-focused, you need to not only gather the right data but also make the insights from it available to the entire organization and EnjoyHQ makes that possible.”

EnjoyHQ is the first customer feedback platform that allows research teams to turn unstructured qualitative data and research studies into engaging artifacts that instruct smarter decision making for product, engineering, marketing, and sales teams.

“The ability to share insights easily — to tell better stories about your findings and share insights and patterns based on user feedback — is what really distinguishes EnjoyHQ as a platform for product teams,” noted EnjoyHQ CEO and founder Sofia Quintero. “Every product team is looking for a single source of truth for this incredibly valuable data, but what’s also always been missing is a way for UX researchers to effectively communicate insights across the entire organization and connect the dots between previous findings. EnjoyHQ enables them to map their customer understanding in a visual way.”