Infrastructure As Code Workflow Automation Company env0 Secures $35 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • Apr 1, 2023
  • env0 announced that it has raised $35 million.

env0 – a provider of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) workflow automation and management software – announced it has secured an additional $18.1 million of funding to wrap up its Series A investment round with a total of $35.1 million. The company also revealed that it grew by 450% in 2022 and signed a number of new customers including MGM Resorts International, PayPal, VMware, and BCG.

env0 plans to use the new funding round to accelerate research and development of new products to scale customer cloud operations safely. This funding round – which brought env0’s total funding round to $41.9 million – was led by Venture Guides, which is a new venture capital firm formed by industry veterans from Bain Capital Ventures.

Plus the funding round includes new investors StepStone Group and Knollwood Investment Advisory with all existing investors boldstart ventures, Grove Ventures, Microsoft’s M12, and Crescendo Venture Partners participating as well.

This funding round comes on the heels of a banner year in which env0 grew revenue by over 5 times, customer count by two and a half times, and shipped key feature additions, including:

— Support for more IaC tools: CloudFormation, Pulumi, Terragrunt (including the popular run-all capability)

— Automated drift detection

— Support for Azure DevOps, which finalizes env0’s support in all major version control system platforms

— Terraform end-to-end functionality, including Terraform remote backend, module registry, remote plan, Plan/apply on PR

— Enterprise-focused capabilities like multi-tier workflows, auditing, external logging platform integration, pluggable integration architecture, and expanded RBAC and OIDC authentication.


“Customers actually enjoy managing their public cloud environments safely at scale with env0. At the same time, developers enjoy a much faster time-to-value with self-service environments, allowing them to deliver more innovative features and products faster. In addition, DevOps teams gain improved security, reduce cloud costs, and enable governance with policy safeguards while avoiding IaC tool vendor lock-in. env0 is the right solution for customers wanting to manage and grow their cloud operations.”

— Ben Nye, Managing Partner at Venture Guides

“We selected env0 because of its unique ability to centralize our Terraform management to improve visibility into our IaC deployment pipelines. With env0, we now deploy with complete confidence, and we know how to catch issues before they make it to production. Our platform is more reliable, which has translated to happier BigID customers.”

— Avior Malkukian, Director of DevOps at BigID

“While IaC tools unlock amazing benefits for businesses and enable rapid iteration and innovation, the biggest rewards can only be realized by scaling it effectively. env0 is becoming increasingly important to our customers’ infrastructures. Our solutions help them scale and manage their IaC tools—dramatically cutting their deployment times and enabling self-service for their teams without neglecting compliance.”

— env0 CEO and co-founder Ohad Maislish