Evolve IP Rolls Out Unified Workspace

By Dan Anderson ● Jan 31, 2020
  • Evolve IP, a leading provider of Purpose-Built cloud solutions, announced it released the Evolve IP Unified Workspace. These are the details.

Evolve IP — the leading provider of Purpose-Built cloud solutions — announced it released the Evolve IP Unified Workspace. The Evolve IP Unified Workspace is a browser-based platform that unifies identity and access management, hosted and SaaS application delivery, and cloud desktops. And Evolve IP’s Unified Workspace drives productivity by enabling workers to access all of their critical business applications from any PC, tablet, or mobile device. Plus the service also makes IT professionals more efficient by unburdening them from managing and maintaining legacy desktop software and hardware.

And Evolve IP’s Unified Workspace essentially provides business users with a secure portal that is purpose-built with the services and applications they need. While some users may only need SaaS applications like Salesforce.com and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, others may need a full cloud desktop with Windows OS and hosted applications. Users simply log in to Evolve IP’s Unified Workspace, enter their single-sign-on ID, and then they are presented with their personal Workspace.

With Evolve IP’s Unified Workspace, company employees are able to work securely from anywhere and from any device. This results in significant improvements in productivity and an improved work-life balance. Plus the service also improves IT efficiency; enabling self-service for employees and eliminating the dependence on IT to complete mundane and time-consuming tasks.

The Unified Workspace platform enables work flexibility and improved work-life balance. And it makes working easier with a single network password and an application ‘Home Page.’ Plus it eliminates complicated connection procedures, slow VPN, and cumbersome “work” PCs. And for companies, it simplifies onboarding and termination for employees and contractors

“Business adoption of SaaS applications is now over 50%, mobile working is the norm, and employees are communicating and collaborating all the time; from almost every location imaginable,” said Scott Kinka, Chief Technology and Product Officer of Evolve IP. “The proliferation of these services, and the dramatic increase in employee mobility and BYOD, has taken IT out of the data center and landed them squarely in the integration business. Evolve IP’s Unified Workspace makes IT’s experience better by delivering just the services their users need; without having to deal with multiple passwords and disparate systems or spreadsheets to manage it all.”

The Evolve IP Unified Workspace also integrates seamlessly with the company’s collaboration and communications services as well as the Evolve Contact Suite, which is an analyst-acclaimed omnichannel contact center solution. And the company is fully invested in building lasting relationships with clients since its success is built around businesses expanding their services within the Evolve IP OneCloud.