Facebook Starts Testing Paid Subscription Offers For Private Groups

By Noah Long ● Updated June 21, 2018

According to a company blog postFacebook has announced that it has started testing a feature where Group administrators can start charging for being part of a private Group. This initiative is currently being tested with a small number of parenting and homemaking Groups at first.

Community leader Sarah Mueller is one of the users that has set up one of the paid private Groups called Declutter My HomeThis Group is a place for users to motivate other users to keep their home clean. And she has started a new subscription Group called Organize My Home. In this Group, users can collaborate on setting up “bite-sized projects.” And through the new Group, users will have actionable checklists, tutorials, and live videos to help pursue cleaner and more organized homes. Access to the Organize My Home Group will cost $14.99 per month.

“Since I started Declutter My Home, it’s been motivating and fulfilling to help others get on the path of clearing their homes of unnecessary clutter, and creating a safe and supportive space for people to come together around this common goal,” said Mueller in the announcement. “With the new Organize My Home subscription group, I will be able to provide this new community with more interactive ways to having an organized home like mini-projects, group challenges, trainings, and live Q&A, while still keeping the original group as a robust community for getting free advice and motivation.”

Facebook's subscription group feature

Facebook’s subscription Group feature

Facebook will continue offering free Groups. And administrators can create the premium groups within the already existing groups.

Facebook does not plan to share in the revenue for the premium subgroups as of yet. This is a great incentive and motivator for users to quickly drive the growth of the new premium subgroups. The fees reportedly range at between $4.99 and $29.99 per month for access to the premium content.