Fauna: $27 Million Funding And New Executive Leadership

By Amit Chowdhry • Jul 6, 2020
  • Fauna, a data API for client-serverless applications, announced that it raised $27 million in a new round of funding led by Madrona

Fauna, a data API for client-serverless applications, announced that it raised $27 million in a new round of funding led by Madrona Venture Group with participation from ADDITION and GV. And Madrona managing director S. Somasegar will join the Fauna board of directors. developer tools leader Tom Preston Werner, database pioneer Roger Bamford and existing institutional investors including CRV and Quest Ventures also joined this round.

And Fauna also welcomed Eric Berg as its new CEO. Berg is a seasoned enterprise software and SaaS leader. Previously, Berg was the Chief Product Officer at Okta and he helped grow Okta from its inception to a global leader in identity with 1,300 employees, 4500+ customers, and over $300 million in revenue as a publicly traded company. Plus Microsoft veteran and former Snowflake CEO Bob Muglia has joined Fauna as Executive Chair and investor. Muglia brings to Fauna more than three decades of experience in development tools, databases, and cloud infrastructure. Going forward Fauna co-founder Evan Weaver will take on the role of CTO.

Modern applications are being reimagined as compositions of serverless APIs and live entirely in the browser. And those applications can be completely new “greenfield” applications such as a dynamic Jamstack web application or they can be new functionality that is added to an existing application or service, combining a rich mobile or web client with a serverless back end. Traditional databases were not built for these applications and remain a bottleneck to this transition.

Fauna has transformed the operational database into a data API for
client-serverless applications. And a web-native GraphQL interface with support for custom business logic and integration with the serverless ecosystem enables developers to simplify code and ship faster. The underlying globally distributed storage and compute engine is consistent, reliable, and integrates a modern approach for security. Fauna is a serverless offering and is quick to get started with and lets you experience freedom from database
operations at any scale.

And with serverless and Jamstack principles emerging as the architecture of choice for building new mobile and SaaS applications, Fauna has seen its user community rapidly expand to over 25,000 developers. FaunaDB offers a web-native GraphQL API that is accessible from a browser, mobile client, or serverless function.

Fauna’s unique, serverless query language (FQL) further speeds up development by facilitating queries that encapsulate custom business logic spanning relational, document, and graph data. And developers can connect to Fauna using a myriad of JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue, Next, Angular, and Nuxt along with languages like Python, Go, Ruby, Java, and Scala. FaunaDB also integrates with leading developer tools such as Microsoft VS Code and serverless platforms like Amazon AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Microsoft Azure Functions, Netlify, Vercel, and Cloudflare Workers.

FaunaDB is backed by a purpose-built distributed storage and compute platform
that is fast, consistent, and reliable while supporting a modern security infrastructure. And powering FaunaDB is a patent-pending clockless transactional protocol that enforces global data consistency without sacrificing latency as well as an advanced core that supports multiple data models, and executes computational logic close to the storage.

Key Quotes:

“The explosive growth of the serverless and Jamstack communities has created a need for a ubiquitous, developer-friendly data API that only FaunaDB and its unique architecture can provide. We are committed to growing the ecosystem and helping developers build better software faster. I’m grateful for the support of Bob, Eric, and our new and existing investors in our mission.”

-Evan Weaver, co-founder and CTO of Fauna

“Developers are moving en masse to serverless architectures for new applications, marking the dawn of serverless as the next tool chain for building global, hyperscale apps. FaunaDB plugs in seamlessly into this new ecosystem and uniquely extends the serverless experience all the way to the database. This developer journey began with the move to the cloud, but Fauna has correctly identified serverless as the next frontier, and has succeeded in building the database of choice for this new era.”

-S. Somasegar

“Fauna offers a disruptive value proposition at the operational data layer for developers working on the next generation of mobile and web applications. Application databases have long been associated with functional and operational friction, while being a core component of any application stack. Fauna has the right architecture, the right team and the right investors to deliver massive value to the industry. I am thrilled to be part of this journey.”

-Eric Berg, CEO at Fauna

“The Fauna team truly understands what the next generation of web technologies require to succeed. Our selection and use of FaunaDB is based on its built-in support of next-generation serverless stacks with GraphQL, global data and on-demand scalability, and the ability to compose powerful business logic with FQL.”

-Marc Ammann, Principal at Matter Supply Co (a creative technology studio based in Medellin and Portland)