Farm Management Platform Company Fieldin Raises $12 Million

By Annie Baker ● September 10, 2019
  • All-in-one farm management platform company Fieldin announced that it raised $12 million in financing to fuel company growth and expand its precision agriculture technology

Fieldin — an all-in-one farm management platform that helps specialty crop growers optimize field operations — announced it secured $12 million in financing to fuel company growth and expand its precision agriculture technology. This round of funding was led by Zeev Ventures, which is managed by Oren Zeev.

Cavallo Ventures (the venture capital arm of Wilbur-Ellis) and AgFunder (an online venture capital firm using technology and media to support its investments) also joined the round along with existing investors Germin8 Ventures, Gal Ventures, and Terra Venture Partners.

Launched in 2013, Fieldin has built a farm management platform that seamlessly enables visibility across an operation’s complete range of field data (from tractors, machinery, and other in-field sensors) in a single user-friendly dashboard. This smart farm control center provides managers with actionable data that improves planning, manages risk, and maximizes production across all operations and activities.

Fieldin’s smart tools range from award-winning smart spraying module to a new smart harvesting app. And Fieldin’s smart tools have helped transform some of the world’s largest growers into efficient data-driven operations.

“With the backing and experience of some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley and commercial agriculture, this investment will allow us to put the pedal to the metal and ramp up our innovation and continue to lead the market in both adoption and results,” said Fieldin CEO and co-founder Boaz Bachar. “This will allow us to get our data-driven tools in the hands of more growers and stakeholders throughout the supply chain, which will benefit everyone from the boots on the ground to the consumer, and all of the various partners they work with along the way. We look forward to seeing just how far we can take our technology.”

This round of funding comes on the heels of Fieldin seeing rapid revenue growth of more than 300% since the beginning of the year along with customer adoption in the fruit, nuts and vegetable markets.

“Fieldin is changing agriculture as we know it,” added Zeev. “The Fieldin team has created a world-class platform that is already the go-to control center for commercial growers. I’m excited to help fuel their growth and be part of this technology revolution we’re experiencing in agriculture.”

With the new capital, Fieldin will be used for supporting the company’s rapid growth including tripling its sales, grower support, and technical teams in the U.S., and expanding its R&D team and product development efforts out of its engineering and data science headquarters in Israel.

“It’s been a big year for our company, covering more than 300,000 acres in California alone, and we’re just getting started,” explained Fieldin COO and co-founder Iftach Birger. “We’ve been working tirelessly to launch new products before, after and even during the season for our growers. This harvest season, for example, we’re pushing new updates to our platform nearly every day to ensure our growers can optimize every piece of the harvesting process. This investment will allow us to move quicker and provide our customers with the technology, ROI, and service they’ve come to expect from the Fieldin team.”

Fieldin recently opened a new office in Fresno, California and the company won the 2019 AgFunder Innovation Award in the Farm Tech category for its smart harvesting and spraying technology.

“We like Fieldin’s control center for a number of reasons,” commented Amar Singh of Cavallo Ventures. “For example, as a grower, how do you know if the agronomic recommendation was carried out as written during a spray event? Whether it’s for spraying, harvesting, or other cultural practices, Fieldin provides the transparency that solidifies trust between a grower and agronomist. Now everyone has objective evidence about what has happened in the field.”