Dallas-Based FieldPulse Secures $2.2 Million To Help Contractors Migrate To Digital Platforms

By Dan Anderson • Apr 2, 2019

Dallas, Texas-based FieldPulse announced it raised $2.2 million in funding led by Capri Ventures and Apple Core Holdings. This past year, FieldPulse saw high triple-digit user growth and the company made significant additions to its service and product line. And the company also announced key partnerships with platforms like GPS Insight.

With this funding round, FieldPulse is going to build on its growth and continue driving disruption as legacy contractors migrate to digital platforms. With FieldPulse’s cloud-native digital hub, contractors can manage their business through an integrated web and mobile application. FieldPulse values center around helping contractors go digital by combining customer relationship management, estimates and invoicing, digital signatures and payments, scheduling and dispatching, GPS tracking, timesheets, etc. As a result, the platform boasts rapid time to value and the average new company is able to mange their business through FieldPulse in under 24 hours.

“Every contracting company looks different,” said FieldPulse CEO Gabriel Pinchev in a statement. “Some may be large, well-staffed companies, while others may be husband and wife teams that work with the occasional subcontractor. Our goal with FieldPulse is to create a solution that caters to every contractor, no matter the size, and grows with them over time. We aim to assist these companies in going digital, simplifying their operations, and freeing up time so that they can get out into the field and continue to grow their businesses.”

According to a recent report by JB Knowledge, 42% of contractors indicated the importance of mobile solutions. And 63% of respondents said that they still use spreadsheets instead of software for tracking estimates. The Field Service Software space is projected to grow $4.45 billion by the end of 2022 and FieldPulse is well positioned to take advantage of the growing market.

As contractors need different tools at different stages, FieldPulse recently released a new platform called SimplySend — which offers free invoicing and estimate software allowing for complete invoice and estimate management. And one of the primary advantages is that if contractors need more functionality as they grow, all of their data can be moved seamlessly to FieldPulse to support them. And FieldPulse also offers other digital tools like ContractorCalculator for iOS and Android.

“The FieldPulse team has done a great job of creating an impactful, intuitive, and affordable platform for contractors of all types,” added FieldPulse board member Don Duet. “With the millions of electricians, plumbers, roofers, HVAC professionals, and other contractors worldwide, it only makes sense to get behind a quality solution that helps contracting businesses grow.”