Fitbit OS 3.0 Update: Overview Of The New Features

By Dan Anderson ● December 18, 2018

Fitbit has rolled out OS 3.0 for the Versa and Ionic devices. Fitbit OS 3.0 includes new features, apps, and stats. The OS 3.0 update has an upgraded on-device dashboard and goal-based exercise modes for the Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Ionic: adidas edition and Fitbit Versa.

The OS 3.0 update comes with new popular brand apps and clock face. And you can see more personal data at-a-glance such as sleep and expanded exercise view. Plus it has quick logging for weight and water intake has been added.


With the goal-based exercise modes, you can set a goal for calories burned, distance or time for more than 15 exercises including running, biking, swimming, etc. And you can see real-time stats, progress, and celebrations when the goals are reached.

There are also 10 new popular brand apps across health, fitness, and lifestyle brands that were added in the software update such as achu health, Couch to 5K, Genius Wrist, and MySwimPro. And FitBark, GOLD’S AMP for Fitbit, MINDBODY, Noonlight, and TRX will be coming soon to the Fitbit App Gallery.


Photo: Fitbit Versa / Credit: Fitbit

achu health is a clock face that transfers your Fitbit data to achu’s illness prediction technology that helps you evaluate a potential illness and provides alerts when your body shows signs of sickness before it happens. The Couch to 5K app pulls your Fitbit data such as distance and calories burned to provide you with insights and training programs for races that range from 5K to a marathon. Genius Wrist features four apps including Gym Genius, Gym Time Pro, Workout Builder, and Workout Genius — which provides structured on-device workouts, productivity, and visualization tools. And MySwimPro offers guided swim workouts, training plans, and video coaching for all levels as it uses real-time heart rate from your Fitbit device to improve performance.


“We are partnering with some of the most popular health and fitness brands to develop apps that leverage Fitbit data to offer unique experiences and deliver more valuable and personal insights to help our users to live healthier lifestyles,” said Fitbit Chief Marketing Officer Tim Rosa in a statement. “For example, apps like achu health pairs your Fitbit data with illness prediction technology to help you manage signs of sickness, and MySwimPro helps you improve swimming performance with personalized coaching plans based on your heart rate data during swimming workouts.”

A new Fitbit Exercise API and open-source developer tools provides Fitbit’s global developer community to build more innovative health and fitness apps and clock faces faster and more efficient than before.

In early 2019, the Fitbit app will feature Female Health Tracking trends. This feature will offer a comprehensive view of menstrual cycle data.

“We are excited to announce these software and app updates as they provide Fitbit smartwatch users with more ways to take action based on their personal data to achieve their health and fitness goals,” added Fitbit’s SVP of Product Jon Oakes.