FlexScreen Raises Investment From Lori Greiner Of ‘Shark Tank’

By Amit Chowdhry ● October 8, 2020
  • FlexScreen announced the finalized equity partnership with ‘Shark Tank’ entrepreneur and investor Lori Greiner

Joe Altieri, founder and CEO of FlexScreen, announced his finalized equity partnership with ‘Shark Tank’ entrepreneur and investor Lori Greiner. The new investment symbolizes the dawn of modernization for the world of window screens — which has remained relatively stagnant for decades.

Altieri’s entrepreneurial journey represents the “American Dream” as he built FlexScreen’s earliest prototype in his home garage after recognizing the lack of essential market innovation. And Altieri took a risk and bet on himself when he chose to step into the national spotlight for Episode 10 in Season 11 of Shark Tank — which aired on January 5, 2020. His pitch secured immediate interest from three Shark investors and resulted in this significant funding deal with Greiner. This deal will propel FlexScreen in the months to come.

On the show, Greiner offered an investment of $800,000 as a starting point; $400,000 in cash and a $400,000 credit line for scaling and inventory. And Altieri plans to utilize the company’s new funds to advance product development initiatives, drive marketing, and increase manufacturing efficiencies.

FlexScreen is innovative in its design, strength, and ease. And with high-performance spring steel, damage-resistant frames, FlexScreen offers the most efficient and effective way to install window screens without attachment hardware while eliminating bent aluminum, scratched paint, and broken hardware issues.

As proper ventilation continues to play a significant role in the reopening of the brick and mortar economy, FlexScreen offers award-winning, safe, and cost-friendly options backed by science for commercial and residential properties.


“When I set up shop in my garage all those years ago, my goal was to solve a problem. To end up earning the trust, respect, and eventual partnership of someone like Lori Greiner was a pipe dream. Today I’m humbled, honored, and grateful to be living that dream. I went into the Tank hoping for a deal with Lori. I believe in her as much as I believe in my product, and together there is no limit to FlexScreen’s potential.”

— Joe Atlieri, CEO and Founder of FlexScreen

“As soon as I saw FlexScreen, I knew it was a winner. I loved Joe’s innovative, flexible window screen, and it quickly became clear to me that I was looking at the future of the industry. I can’t imagine ever using any other screen. I’m excited to be on board with Joe and the FlexScreen team.”

— Lori Greiner, Investor, TV Personality & Entrepreneur