Fulfillment Technology Platform Flowspace Raises $31 Million

By Annie Baker ● Apr 2, 2021
  • Fulfillment technology platform company Flowspace announced recently that it raised a $31 million round of funding. These are the details.

Fulfillment technology platform company Flowspace announced recently that it raised a $31 million round of funding. This Series B investment was led by BuildGroup of Austin, Texas with participation from existing investors.

Launched in 2017, Flowspace has now raised a total of $46 million that includes investment from Canvas Ventures, Industrious Ventures, Moment Ventures, 1984 Ventures, eGateway Capital, and Y Combinator.

The company’s ability to efficiently handle huge demand created by the pandemic captured the attention of BuildGroup— which is an investment company founded by former Rackspace CEO Lanham Napier that applies proven operator expertise to build high-performing SaaS businesses.

After several months of using the Flowspace platform, a growing number of e-commerce companies now sees on-demand warehousing and fulfillment as a long-term solution moving forward.


Flowspace helps businesses manage their warehousing and fulfillment through its proprietary software platform which now runs in hundreds of partnering fulfillment centers across the US. “Our software powers the entire journey of getting an online order to your door. The combination of increased visibility and ability to fulfill orders across the country enables our customers to grow.”

“The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of e-commerce among businesses and consumers alike and warehousing and fulfillment is critical in supporting this growth. We make it easy for brands to scale by giving them access to one of the largest and most efficient fulfillment networks in the country.”

— Ben Eachus, co-founder and CEO of Flowspace

“Necessity is the mother of invention and, in this case, expedited adoption as well. In the same way that the pandemic increased adoption of video conferencing, it also accelerated the adoption of plug-and-play warehousing and fulfillment services by retailers and e-commerce companies. As the industry continues to advance, no company is better positioned for long-term category leadership than Flowspace.”

— Jim Curry, co-founder and managing partner of BuildGroup

“Choosing Flowspace as our fulfillment partner is one of the best decisions we’ve made. Their platform is easy-to-use and has enabled us to manage our rapid growth. At each inflection point of our growth, we’ve been amazed by Flowspace’s ability to help us scale.”

— Lindsey Weening, vice president of operations at Madefor, a maker of a direct-to-consumer wellness/mental health program that sends monthly habit-forming kits