Forward: $100 Million Funding And CarePods Revealed

By Amit Chowdhry • Nov 18, 2023

Forward is a company that recently announced it raised $100 million in funding and unveiled the new CarePods. The funding was provided by Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund, Samsung Next, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, and Softbank, And the company is also backed by AI luminaries like Eric Schmidt (former CEO and Chairman of Google), John Giannandrea (SVP of Artificial Intelligence at Apple), Demis Hassabis (cofounder of DeepMind), and Mustafa Suleyman (cofounder of DeepMind and Inflection AI). Forward is also advised by Medical leaders, including Regina Benjamin (18th Surgeon General of the United States) and Bob Wachter (Chair of the Department of Medicine at UCSF).

After you step into a CarePod, it starts by reviewing the aspects of your health, including past health history, current health state, and future goals. Then, it takes into account your wellness goals and also conducts body scans. After establishing a baseline of your health, you can personalize your care with health apps curated for you. It is powered by remote biometric monitoring as well. This way, you can detect murmurs and other irregularities while lowering the risk of a heart attack or stroke with a focus on keeping you healthy.

The CarePods are being deployed in malls, gyms, and offices. And Forward plans to more than double its footprint next year. CarePods are launching nationwide in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. The memberships start at $99 per month.

Forward CarePod and the Health Apps are built by Forward’s team of world-class doctors from top universities like Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Columbia.

With Health Apps, the company’s doctors combine their deep medical knowledge and empathy with advanced technology, enabling you to receive the best care. And as more CarePods are deployed worldwide, access to care will no longer be limited by where you live.