Fytted: An Interview With Co-Founders Greg Auerbach And Olivia Dicopoulos About This AI-Based Styling Recommendation Company

By Amit Chowdhry • Jul 10, 2024

Fytted is an app that utilizes AI technology that is transforming the way you shop with precise body measurements and personalized styling recommendations. Over $38 billion was wasted in the processing of apparel returns last year and Fytted is reducing the time and money consumers and retailers spend on processing returns (making the online shopping experience more beneficial for all parties involved). And a portion of all of Fytted proceeds go to Remake, a charity that fights for human rights and climate justice in the clothing industry. Pulse 2.0 interviewed Fytted CEO and co-founder Greg Auerbach and Chief Creative Officer and co-founder Olivia Dicopoulos.

Background Of The Founders

Pulse 2.0 (Amit): Could you tell me more about your background?

Fytted (Greg): I graduated from the University of Michigan with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, focusing on autonomous systems and sustainability. During my time at the university, I also worked with the Michigan football team staff. After college, I joined Northrop Grumman in Los Angeles, where I worked until I left to start my own venture during the pandemic. This led to the creation of AllAthlete, an AI-driven platform that has generated over $50 million in athletic scholarships globally since its launch in 2022. Additionally, I hold a patent in AI for real-time body measurements, a breakthrough that has been integral in developing Fytted’s core technology.

Fytted (Olivia): I began my career as a child actress on CBS’s “Guiding Light” and starred in national campaigns for Verizon and American Girl Doll. When I wasn’t in front of the camera, I spent much of my time on set being fitted for wardrobe selections and it was there where I first discovered my passion for creating fashion, and sewing at an early age. This inspired me to focus on a personalized approach to find the fit – both measurement and fashion wise – that best matches each person’s unique style. I then went on to pursue art and screen studies at The New School in New York City and had the opportunity to work backstage at New York Fashion Week. Transitioning from acting to production, I worked with Lionsgate, top YouTube stars, influencers, A-List celebrities, and as the Manager of Development at Love Productions. I serve as VP/Head of Development at Meghan McCain’s Citizen Cain Productions, and the Executive Producer of Meghan McCain’s podcast “Citizen McCain”. And of course, I am very excited and honored to be the CCO and Co-Founder for Fytted. 

Formation Of Fytted

Pulse 2.0 (Amit): How did the idea for the company come together? 

Fytted (Greg): The genesis of Fytted stemmed from my initial venture, AllAthlete, where we aimed to revolutionize athletics with AI-driven technology. We developed a portable athletic combine that could accurately measure athletic metrics like height, hand size, and vertical jump. After launching this feature in late December 2023, it quickly went viral as users around the globe adopted our technology.

Interestingly, we noticed that many users weren’t just using the app for athletic measurements; they were also using it to measure their bodies for clothing purposes. Families were measuring each other, not just for sports but for everyday apparel needs. This user behavior highlighted a widespread issue in online shopping—returns due to incorrect sizing.

Recognizing this, Olivia and I, experiencing the same frustrations with online clothing purchases, saw a clear opportunity. We decided to pivot and adapt our patented technology to address this problem directly in the fashion industry. This led to the birth of Fytted, focusing solely on utilizing our innovative tech to help consumers find the perfect fit, thereby reducing returns and enhancing the online shopping experience.

Favorite Memory

Pulse 2.0 (Amit): What has been your favorite memory working for the company so far?

Fytted (Greg): One memorable moment was at a brand showcase in Carlsbad, California. I was discussing our app with a group when they became so intrigued that they stood up, gathered around, and even started pitching new features. This enthusiasm was contagious, and we ended up signing partnership agreements with every brand we met at the conference.

Another highlight is receiving feedback from our users who tell me how our technology has simplified their shopping, eliminating the need for returns.

Additionally, experiencing this journey with my fiancé, building a solution that genuinely impacts people’s lives, has been deeply fulfilling.

Fytted (Olivia): My favorite memory is when we first launched the app, and we had our friends and family test it out for the first time. It was really cool seeing everyone experience it after hearing about it for weeks. It’s also really special to see something go from an idea to a product you could use that actually works!

Core Products

Pulse 2.0 (Amit): What are the company’s core products and features?

Fytted (Greg): At Fytted, our core product is a highly sophisticated AI technology that scans your entire body with exceptional precision, not just basic measurements like bust, waist, and hips. This comprehensive analysis allows us to understand your style preferences holistically.

We collaborate with world-renowned fashion stylists to tailor a personalized styling experience for you, taking into account your unique body shape and color palette. Our virtual fitting room technology is a game-changer, allowing you to try on outfits digitally before making a purchase.

Additionally, our platform includes integrated size guides for over 5,000 brands, enabling us to automatically suggest the correct size for any clothing item from any brand. This ensures that when you shop with Fytted, you can be confident that you’re choosing items that not only fit well but also look great on you.

Challenges Faced

Pulse 2.0 (Amit): What challenges have you and the Fytted team faced in building the company?

Fytted (Greg): Entering the competitive fashion industry as a new player was a significant challenge, given its size and complexity, especially since my background wasn’t originally in fashion. To establish ourselves, I focused on building strong relationships within the industry. By actively reaching out and demonstrating the innovative capabilities of our technology—how it can transform online shopping and reduce returns—I was able to break down barriers and gain trust. This hands-on approach has not only helped us navigate initial hurdles but also positioned us as a forward-thinking company in the fashion tech space.

Fytted (Olivia): As a co-founder, you find yourself consistently wearing many hats and having non-traditional working hours. I was up until 2 am the other night making sure something we were working on got done. It’s a challenge to make yourself a priority and it’s easy to get lost in work. I actively try to find more balance and remind myself that this is what it takes to start a company, and success doesn’t happen overnight so you better be in it for the long haul. I am truly grateful for the opportunity, and I remind myself of that, too. 

Evolution Of Fytted’s Technology

Pulse 2.0 (Amit): How has the company’s technology evolved since launching?

Fytted (Greg): Since our launch, we’ve evolved from a measurement-focused approach under the name MeasureMe to a more comprehensive service called Fytted. This shift came after recognizing that users needed more than just measurements; they wanted insights on how to use those measurements for better clothing fit. This change emphasizes our focus on personalized styling and fitting, aligning our technology with user expectations and enhancing their shopping experience.

Significant Milestones

Pulse 2.0 (Amit): What have been some of the company’s most significant milestones?

Fytted (Greg): Since launching, we’ve quickly secured over 500 brand partnerships in just five weeks and achieved 20,000 organic downloads.

Customer Success Stories

Pulse 2.0 (Amit): Can you share any specific customer success stories?

Fytted (Greg): Our users have experienced a 40% reduction in returns for their online clothing purchases, demonstrating Fytted’s effectiveness in improving shopping accuracy.

Fytted (Olivia): I have a personal success story! I actually used Fytted to buy my wedding dress online. I originally went to a bridal shop and got a wedding dress and then was flabbergasted by how much it was going to cost to get that dress tailored. I then used Fytted to buy my dress online without the cost and hassle of having it professionally tailored. It fit like a glove upon arrival, and I couldn’t be happier. 


Pulse 2.0 (Amit): Are you able to discuss funding and/or revenue metrics?

Fytted (Greg): We are currently in the midst of our seed funding round and have successfully secured commitments exceeding $1 million.

Total Addressable Market

Pulse 2.0 (Amit): What total addressable market (TAM) size is the company pursuing? 

Fytted (Greg): Returns in the fashion e-commerce industry cost $38 billion annually. Fytted targets this major financial and environmental issue by ensuring customers get the right fit from the start, significantly reducing the need for returns. This approach not only saves costs but also decreases the carbon footprint associated with reverse logistics, positioning us in a market with the potential to reclaim billions in lost revenue while improving sustainability.

Differentiation From The Competition

Pulse 2.0 (Amit): What differentiates Fytted from its competition?

Fytted (Greg): What sets Fytted apart is our unique combination of technology and user experience. Our proprietary measuring technology accurately captures body dimensions, forming the foundation of all our services. Additionally, our AI fitting room lets users virtually try on over 600,000 items from our inventory, reminiscent of the iconic scene from “Clueless.” We enhance this with expert personalization from professional fashion stylists, ensuring that each recommendation is tailored to the user’s style and fit preferences. Our integrated web extension further streamlines the process, automatically selecting the best size for users based on their Fytted profile.

Future Company Goals

Pulse 2.0 (Amit): What are some of the company’s future company goals?

Fytted (Greg): Our growth plans for Fytted are bold and focused as we move through 2024. We’re actively expanding our network and aim to partner with over 1,500 brands by year-end, enhancing the variety and quality of choices available to our users. We’ve also just launched our Android app and a new web extension, which bridges the gap between mobile and desktop shopping, providing a seamless experience regardless of the platform. 

These advancements are part of our broader goal to surpass 1 million active users this year. We’re not just scaling in numbers; we’re focused on dramatically improving the online shopping experience. By reducing return rates by more than 50%, we want to set a new standard for customer satisfaction and sustainability in e-commerce. We aim to enhance our AI capabilities to streamline the shopping process even further, moving beyond traditional methods.

Fytted (Olivia): As someone with an entertainment industry background, I would love for Fytted to be integrated into castings and fittings for wardrobe departments on film and tv sets. I think this would be an incredibly useful tool for actors/models and costume designers, and I look forward to making that a reality. 

I also see celebrities using the app to keep their stylists up to date with their most recent measurements allowing stylists to easily pick outfits and for designers to tailor their creations to perfection without someone being in person. Fytted would simplify and streamline this entire process, saving money, time, and resources.