Data Collaboration Platform Company Secures $7 Million

By Annie Baker • Sep 18, 2023 recently announced it’s developing the first data collaboration platform to allow software and data developers to build and manage high-quality data assets iteratively. And Gable has secured $7 million in seed funding led by Zetta Venture Partners, Crane Venture Capital, and Essence Venture Capital. The funding round also saw participation from angel investors with deep data experience, including The New Normal Fund and the founders of dbt Labs, Monte Carlo, Hex, Kaggle, Hightouch, and Great Expectations.

When data is shared, it’s transferred from production into analytics databases without constraints or context. And even though software developers meticulously consider how systems interact with each other for maintainability and scalability, this level of deliberation rarely extends to the data generated by their systems. But this data is intricately linked to Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. However, data modeling is often an afterthought in today’s market, resulting in crucial data being inadequately structured and causing breaking changes. The division between software and data developers – separated by ELT/ETL infrastructure – also contributes to this issue.

Software developers often lack visibility into how data is consumed, leaving data producers in the dark. And this opacity leads to missing critical data, a lack of semantic context, and frequent breakdowns of revenue-driving data pipelines. This result is a cycle of mistrust, duplication of effort, and a slowdown in innovation. But IBM estimates poor data quality costs the US $3.1 trillion annually.

To combat this issue, designed a data collaboration platform that will bridge the gap between software developers and data teams. By reimagining the data-sharing process from the ground up uses ‘data contracts’ – an API-based agreement between the software developers who own upstream data sources and data developers/analysts that consume data to meet the growing needs of BI and AI in the modern enterprise. These agreements are defined, enforced, and discovered through Plus, the data collaboration platform provides context and constraints for data sharing, which enables developers to consider data quality from the outset.


“Gable’s vision is to alleviate real market pain by pioneering a data collaboration platform. Our mission is to foster collaboration between the individuals responsible for building software and those managing the data. By eliminating the traditional barriers between these teams, it aims to create a more efficient and effective data-sharing ecosystem that unlocks the full potential of data-driven technologies.”

– Chad Sanderson, CEO & Co-Founder of