Gali Health: Intelligent Personal Health Assistant Rolls Out To More Users Following Successful Test

By Dan Anderson ● Jul 1, 2019
  • Gali Health is making its intelligent personal health assistant available to more users following a successful limited access program
  • And Gali also announced it secured $2 million in seed funding

Gali Health announced that it is making its intelligent personal health assistant available to more users following a successful limited access program. And Gali Health is also making its Gali AI-powered mobile personal health assistant available to a broader initial group of users who live with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

New users are being invited to join the Gali community in stages through a waitlist that can be accessed on the company’s website. The waitlist is open to anyone who lives with IBD. Gali relies on individual health information and collective intelligence to help people with chronic conditions proactively manage their health.

“Our Ambassadors, who were the first to use Gali regularly, provided us with invaluable insights into their personal health journeys. They helped to validate our approach and bring us to a point where Gali is ready to keep learning,” said Gali Health CEO and founder Ilya Kupershmidt.

This wider release follows the successful completion and processing of feedback gathered from inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) patient advocates during the Limited Access Program implemented in the spring of 2019. And expanding the user base will allow Gali to continue evolving with help from more members of the IBD community.

“Seeing my ideas and feedback come to life within the Gali app is more than rewarding. Each design change leads to further feedback and a better user experience. It’s an honor to help develop a platform built by patients for patients,” said Gali Health Ambassador and IBD patient advocate Molly Dunham-Friel.

The wider release is being enabled by Gali Health having secured over $2 million in seed funding from top investors in biotech, consumer products, and genomics. This funding round was led by Felicis Ventures and includes other institutional investors like Civilization Ventures, Bold Capital Partners, and angel investors Mostafa Ronaghi and Robert Nelsen.

This funding round will enable Gali to accelerate its development and precision medicine-focused R&D efforts. And Gali Health plans to release the Gali intelligent health assistant to the general public in the fall of 2019.