Gatsby Closes $15 Million To Build On Its Website Development Platform

By Annie Baker ● October 3, 2019
  • Website builder platform company Gatsby recently announced that it raised $15 million in Series A funding led by CRV

Gatsby — a rapidly growing platform for building websites — announced it raised $15 million in Series A funding. CRV led the round and previous seed investors Trinity Ventures, Mango Capital, Fathom Capital, and Dig Ventures also joined. Kong CEO Augusto “Aghi” Marietti and Adobe chief product officer Scott Belsky also joined the round. In conjunction with the round, CRV general partner Devdutt Yellurkar has joined the board.

Some of the major consumer and enterprise brands that are already using Gatsby for building key web properties include IBM, Braun, Ideo, Airbnb, Impossible Burger, and hundreds more. And 1% of the top 10,000 websites are now built on Gatsby.

“We’ve spent four years building Gatsby to be the most comprehensive platform for building a modern website. What would take companies months or even years to implement with a cutting edge web stack is trivial to start with, build with, and deploy on Gatsby,” said Kyle Mathews, CEO and co-founder of Gatsby. “This is why companies love using Gatsby, and why we’ve been able to build such a thriving developer community that helps us continually improve the platform and ecosystem. We’re excited to use this funding to make Gatsby even better, and help more people build beautiful, blazing fast websites.”

The business around website development is valued at more than $40 billion. And the market for Content Management Systems (CMS) is more than $5 billion alone. Plus the application security market, of which mobile and web-based applications comprise a huge chunk, is expected to hit more than $11 billion in the next 5 years. The Content Delivery Networks (CDN) — an important last-mile delivery mechanism for driving website speed and performance — is forecasted to reach $24.9 billion by 2025.

“Gatsby has become a critical piece in our approach to web development, and underpins the web presence of IBM Design initiatives, including the IBM Design language and our open-source Carbon Design System,” added Alison Joseph, a senior front end developer at IBM and development manager for Carbon website properties. “Using Gatsby has helped us reach our very high standards for speed and performance, as well as making it easy for other IBM teams to build IBM-branded sites.”

Gatsby is known for disrupting the industry as first centralized “content mesh” platform and acts as a universal compatibility layer for any and all data used to build websites. Plus it has productized the modern React and JavaScript development environment to work out of the box and it integrates with more than 120 backends, more than 15 of the top CMS platforms and over 1200 plugins.

“The technology that powers the web is being reinvented. Again. In order to make the web lightning fast and far more secure, the technology architecture that powers websites is going through a fundamental change,” explained Yellurkar. “Kyle is a visionary who saw this in 2015 and created Gatsby to capitalize on this paradigm shift. Gatsby is now leading the way with massive adoption amongst developers and content creators. I’m looking forward to working with this incredible team to supercharge the Internet.”

Gatsby previously raised a $3.8 million seed round led by Dan Scholnick of Trinity Ventures with participation from Mango Capital, Dig Ventures (venture capital firm launched by Mulesoft founder Ross Mason), Fathom Capital, and the Pantheon founding team (Zachary Rosen, Josh Koenig, Matt Cheney, and David Strauss).