Gearset’s DevOps Launchpad Passes 10,000 Users

By Amit Chowdhry ● Jul 24, 2023

DevOps Launchpad – a Salesforce DevOps training platform and community-powered by Gearset – recently announced that it had crossed the 10,000 users milestone. Launched in 2021, all of the content is free to access for Salesforce professionals, and courses are available as either stand-alone courses or as part of a certification program.

DevOps Launchpad was launched to provide Salesforce professionals with an easy, hands-on way to gain greater knowledge of the concepts and skills related to Salesforce DevOps.

14 Vendor-Neutral Courses

Fourteen vendor-neutral courses cover key concepts of Salesforce DevOps, such as version control, Git branching strategies, CI/CD, testing, automation, and backups. Students are able to take individual courses of their liking in whichever order they choose or can follow guided certification pathways. By taking all component courses and achieving a minimum score of 80 percent on their final assessment, they can acquire either the Salesforce DevOps Fundamentals Certificate or the Salesforce DevOps Leadership Certificate. Finally, Gearset-specific training is also available on the platform.


DevOps training for Salesforce has been an issue facing the industry for some time. And Gearset’s State of Salesforce DevOps 2023 survey found that 41% of DevOps teams have identified “lack of experience” as a major obstacle in their DevOps adoption. This survey also found that another 30% are experiencing staffing issues, while another 50% indicated that they would benefit specifically from CI/CD training. These numbers show that training is a high priority for DevOps teams and that they recognize the need to improve their deployment accuracy, frequency, and use of automation.

DevOps Launchpad offers several courses that address these specific needs. All courses are free and students can take as much time as needed to complete them.

The most popular courses and the most common profile of professionals that enlist in the courses are as follows:

— Get your deployments DevOps ready

— An introduction to Salesforce development

— Version control fundamentals

— An introduction to Salesforce DevOps

— Git branching strategies

Job roles of trainees

— Developer

— Admin

— Architect

— Implementation Consultant

— Business user

Future Launches

In the second half of 2023, a slate of new courses will become available. And some of the new courses will focus on how to support the management of enterprise teams through their DevOps process.


“There is a real and pressing need in the Salesforce DevOps community for training in core skills. Our platform has managed to offer a solution for that need and we’re happy to see trainees go back to their teams with increased knowledge and confidence.”

“DevOps is fast becoming the accepted model for Salesforce development, so it’s very encouraging to see Salesforce professionals investing in DevOps training. Their own professional development stands to gain from it, and so does the success of their teams.”

— Charlotte Humberston, Editor in Chief of DevOps Launchpad