Gocious Roadmaps Now Supports Jira Integration

By Amit Chowdhry • Aug 29, 2023

Gocious is a company that understands that building product roadmaps could be challenging for product management teams. And Gocious Product Roadmap Management (PRM) software has been designed to help product managers communicate and align all stakeholders around a clear and accessible product portfolio roadmap. Gocious recently announced it created a solution that enables engineers and product managers to use their separate tools while integrating the important points of Atlassian Jira.

Atlassian Jira is often used by many software teams to manage projects and to implement Agile ways of working. And Jira is now being used by teams beyond software to track work and issues on a range of product development projects, which include hardware.

This is how the new Gocious-Jira integration works and how it could be used to save time:

Collaboration Between Engineering Teams And Product Managers

This integration addresses a complaint that was heard from product managers where they struggle to streamline communication between their teams, especially when it comes to engineering. And making the work of the product manager easier is why the company created Gocious PRM software in the first place, and they continue to introduce new features that support their valued work.

New Integration

Product managers can create product tasks, epics, and user stories using their product roadmap software tools. And the engineering teams use their own ticketing software to track their workload and progress. Each system has its own language and processes that users are familiar with. While a product manager could log in to an engineering management software, such as JIRA, they might not find the information they need easily or quickly.

Through the Gocious-Jira integration, product managers do not need to log in to Jira to track the progress of a new feature in development. And the new integration automatically establishes two-way communication by mirroring the progress of Jira in our Gocious PRM software dashboard.

When product managers want approval for a new feature, the process goes through three main stages: idea development and validation, approval from finance and executives, and production. After tracking and managing this process on a product roadmap, the product manager may list the steps in categories as follows:

— Ideas

— Under Review

— Approved

After a feature moves from “Under Review” to “Approve,” the product manager can add it to the roadmap and delegate tasks to the appropriate teams. And with the new Gocious-Jira integration, this feature automatically copies to the Jira system, where the engineers can further break down the tasks and timeline required for development and implementation.

Since product managers and engineers focus on very different details when making a product a reality, using each other’s systems can be confusing. With the Gocious-Jira integration, each team gets the points they need to work with without having to manage the noise of the other system.

Real-Time Notifications And Status Updates

After the ticket moves to JIRA, engineering will follow their backlog to complete the necessary steps to build the feature. And as engineering completes its tasks and moves forward, the product manager can track this progress by monitoring their product roadmap management software without ever having to log in to Jira.

Benefits Of New Gocious-Jira Integration

This integration offers the benefits of providing regular progress updates. And it also filters the important information relevant to each stakeholder and provides a useful overview of progress.

Improving Product Manager And Engineering Team Collaboration

As one of the most important product management skills is communication, these skills are less effective if you do not have access to the proper tools. And essential communication tools are vital to ensure a culture of collaboration between product managers and engineers so that the product’s vision can be translated into tangible deliverables and risks can be mitigated along the way.

Helping Product Managers And Teams Get Aligned

Product roadmap tools are able to help prioritize and align development activities with the company’s business goals. And the Gocious-Jira integration enhances these priorities by ensuring that the process is moving forward promptly and efficiently.

Converting Product Ideas Into Tasks

Due to the automated capability of pushing information to Jira software, the cards on the product roadmap serve as a guide for the product manager to work from and it also automatically converts to actionable tasks at the appropriate time.

Two-Way Communication System

Through the new integration, automatic updates mean that engineering knows when a ticket is approved for development, and product managers know the development status. And automatic feedback removes the need to manually update the roadmap.

Reducing The Noise In Product Development

When each team can stay within their own management software, they gain greater clarity instead of getting lost in the small details of the other departments. This new integration reduces the noise by pushing just the relevant information to internal teams.

Overview Of The Production Process

The Gocious-Jira integration offers clarity regarding the progression of the roadmap. Are there delays? Are the plans running on time? Knowing these details is essential for a product manager to plan for the future and manage problems when they arise.

Supporting The Whole Organization

The new Gocious-Jira integration promotes seamless communication between product managers and their project management teams. And the entire organization will benefit from the new integration as it allows for the following:

— Updates company executives on the development progress and time to completion.

— Informs marketing teams about launch timelines so they can prepare and coordinate promotions.

— Prepares the sales department so they can manage the sales process and organize the distribution so they are ready for launch.

Getting Ahead

Managing/building products is complex, with many moving parts and dependencies. And a product manager needs to avoid getting bogged down in the details. They do not have time to decipher the progress of the engineering teams using tools such as Jira. Instead, they need a centralized space for monitoring the product’s overall creation and maintaining a high-level view to ensure everything stays on track.