Sean Rad Reveals The Rebranding Of Good Today

By Dan Anderson ● November 6, 2019
  • Good Today announced that it has been rebranded from Good St. And the company launched a charity subscription service.

Good Today has announced that it has been rebranded as Sean Rad has joined the company as a board member. And Good Today also launched a new tool for company-wide donations.

How does it work? Good Today offers an easier way for people to support charity organizations. For example, supporters will receive a daily email if they donate 25 cents per day — which allows them to vote for one out of two charity organizations. And the day’s donations will be split based on the votes.

Good Today — which is a nonprofit previously known as Good St. — was actually launched several years ago. Joe Teplow, the co-founder of Good Today, decided to start focusing on the company again after selling Rebel to Salesforce.

Some of Good Today’s founding board members include Joe Benun, Jeffrey Dobrinsky, Sean Rad (Tinder co-founder and former CEO), Guy Oseary, and Molly DeWolf Swenson. 

“Over time, we’re going to be more than giving 25 cents a day,” said Rad via TechCrunch. “The idea here is that if we could build a way to donate every single day, you sort of solve the biggest problem in charity as a whole, which is engagement. Once you get the engagement loop going, we’re going to be introducing other experiences.”

Good Today for Teams will enable companies to sponsor employees’ donations. And it will also be integrated with Slack where employees can vote for preferred charities. This service is already being used by over 20 companies, including Shutterstock, Jeffries, and Live Nation’s Maverick.

The Good Today web app was announced at the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit where Rad appeared to talk about fostering philanthropy through entrepreneurship. 

“When you give a little bit every day, you get a feeling of selflessness and gratitude,” explained Rad on stage at the Forbes event.