GoodTime: How This Company Uses AI To Connect Candidates With Interviewers

By Annie Baker ● October 8, 2018

GoodTime is a company that uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to connect candidates with interviewers within an organization, according to TechCrunch. This makes the hiring process more smooth for large organizations and it eases the workload of human resources. And GoodTime recently raised $5 million in a round of funding led by Bullpen Capital.

GoodTime recently participated in the Alchemist Accelerator startup program, which is a business incubator focused on accelerating startups whose revenue comes from enterprises. GSV Accelerate and also participated in this round of funding.

Founded by Ahryun Moon, Jasper Sone and Peter Lee, GoodTime essentially uses the calendar as a way to keep data organized. The sooner interviews can be booked with the right candidates, the better it is for an organization. GoodTime also taps into relevant information about the applicant and an interviewer such as the university, work history, gender, and ethnicity.

Moon is a former recruiting coordinator at MuleSoft, Airbnb, and Dropbox. So she knew about some of the troubles that recruiters had in finding the right professionals. And she was able to convince her connections at those companies to try out GoodTime.

As a result, those companies have seen applicants confirm interviews within three hours by using the GoodTime platform. And the time-to-hire rates were reduced by 40%.

Airbnb’s recruiting operations team were using non-standardized processes, which made it tougher to improve efficiency and created barriers between recruitment and interview teams. “GoodTime’s demo spoke to nearly every pain point we felt. When we ran a pilot, our recruiting coordinators were unanimous in wanting to keep GoodTime,” said Airbnb’s Recruiting Programs Manager Megan Gebhart in a testimonial about the company.

GoodTime also received $2 million in seed funding last year from Walden Ventures and Big Basin Capital. And as of now, the company has 18 employees on staff and hit profitability.