Google Adds Swipe Interface For Finding Movies And TV Shows

By Amit Chowdhry ● September 9, 2019

Google Swipe Interface

  • Google has announced it launched a new way to search for movies and TV shows on mobile devices using with a swipe interface

Google recently announced it is launching a new way to search for movies and TV shows on mobile devices. This feature — which will be launching in the U.S. first — features a swiping interface that was popularized by the Tinder dating app. This new feature also takes the search into full-screen mode.

You start out by choosing which TV and movie subscriptions you already have. The services include Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go, Showtime, CBS, Starz, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and Google’s own streaming services. From there, Google will see personalized recommendations for what’s available to you and quickly see where to watch your picks.

“When you search for things like ‘good shows to watch’ or ‘what to watch’ on mobile, you can tap the start button in the ‘Top picks for you’ carousel to begin rating TV shows and movies,” said Google Product Manager of Search Matt Sheets.

When you swipe right, it will count as a “like” and swiping left counts as a “dislike.” Or you can “skip” titles that you do not know.

And when you tap on the name of a show, a pop-up card will show you details about the show and where to stream it. Plus you can also search for terms like “horror movies from the 90s” and “documentaries about climbing.”