Google Fi Has A New Cheaper Unlimited Plan With 100GB Cloud Storage

By Noah Long ● September 19, 2019
  • Google Fi is now offering a cheaper unlimited plan with 100GB of cloud storage. These are the details.

Google’s MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) cellular service known as Google Fi recently launched another plan for users. Along with offering its original pay-per-megabyte plan with unlimited calls and text, Google Fi is also offering an “Unlimited” plan (throttling after 22GB) for $70. Plus it comes with 100GB cloud storage via Google One.

Last year, Google Fi started offering a service called “Bill Protection,” which capped monthly bills at $80 thus making it an unlimited plan (throttling after 15GB). But the $70 plan that Google offers now is $10 cheaper and it offers more data before the throttling kicks in. Plus the bundled 100GB of Google One storage will save users $2 per month.

Google One is essentially a monthly subscription storage to provide you with more storage across all of your Google accounts spread between services like Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, etc.

The Fi plan also supports family plans. For example, the unlimited plan is $70 per month for an individual, $60 per month for two accounts at $120 total, $50 each for 3 accounts at $150, and $45 per month for four accounts at $180 total. This includes 22GB of data before throttling kicks in and 100GB of storage per person — which is not shared across the family.

There are two Fi plans called “Unlimited” and “Flexible.” The Flexible plans have you pay for exactly what you use at $10 per GB for data along with a fee of $20 per month for an individual (or $18 for 2 accounts, $17 for 3 accounts, $16 for 4 accounts, $16 for 5 accounts, and $16 for 6 accounts).

“Our Unlimited plan gives you peace of mind knowing that you can reach family and friends wherever they are, while keeping costs low. If you prefer to just pay for the data you use, our Flexible plan isn’t going anywhere. And as always, Fi has no contracts or activation fees,” said Google product manager Dhwani Shah in a blog post.

Google Fi also supports call forwarding, Wi-Fi calling, and texting/calling through the Google Hangouts app or website. And Google is offering 50% off a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3XL when you purchase and activate on Google Fi.