Google Launches New Tool To Help Find Nearest COVID-19 Testing Facility 

By Dan Anderson ● April 19, 2020
  • Google has launched a new tool that helps people find the nearest COVID-19 testing facility


COVID-19 testing centers search
Now when you search for COVID-19 (coronavirus) testing centers in the U.S. on Google’s search engine, you will see a list of tips along with a link to a map of testing facilities via Google Maps. This tool is available across 43 states, according to The Verge.

The testing centers that Google links to on Google Maps have to be approved by public health authorities. And some of those testing facilities are also incomplete. The testing facilities in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Maine, Connecticut, Oklahoma, New Jersey, and Missouri are not included in the results.

“As government agencies and public health departments make information on COVID-19 testing available, we are working to make this information easily searchable on Google in a way that aligns with the local testing procedures and recommendations,” wrote Google in a support page. “COVID-19 testing information comes from government agencies, public health departments, or directly from healthcare institutions.”