Google Makes It Easier To Control Search Data Within Products

By Dan Anderson ● October 24, 2018

Earlier this year, Google set up a new Google Account experience to highlight privacy and security. And the search giant recently updated its Privacy Policy with videos and easier-to-understand language to describe the information that is collected and why it is collected. Today Google also unveiled a new feature that makes it easier to control your data.

“Starting with Google Search, users will no longer have to go to their Google Account page to access privacy controls,” said Google’s Director of Product Management for the Privacy and Data Protection Office Eric Miraglia. When you tap on the settings menu on the Google mobile app and desktop, you will see a “Your data in Search” option. This feature will show you how to control data that is collected based on the terms you search for, links you interact with, and information such as your current location when you search.

Prior to this change, you would have to visit your Google Account profile page. “Now, we’re bringing these controls to you – from directly within Search, you can review or delete your Search activity and quickly get back to finding what you were searching for,” added Miraglia.

And as your search, Google will provide quick access to privacy controls in your Google Account that are most relevant to you. So if you want to control the ads you see when you search, Google will provide access to your Ad Settings. Plus you will be able to quickly access your Activity Controls to decide what information Google saves to your account and uses to make its search smarter and faster. Google also published a video that explains this information:

Google is adding this improvement to Google Search on desktop and mobile web today. In the coming weeks, it will be expanded to the Google app for iOS and Android. And next year, this feature will be expanded to Google Maps followed by many other Google products.