Gorgias: Customer Experience Company Raises $29 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • May 23, 2024

Gorgias, a leading customer experience (CX) platform trusted by over 15,000 e-commerce brands, announced $29 million in Series C-2 funding from existing investors. The new funding round was led by SaaStr and Alven, with participation from Horsley Bridge, Amplify, Shopify, Sapphire, CRV, and Transpose Platform. Sunil Dhaliwal from Amplify has also been added as a Board observer.

Gorgias will use the funding round to expand its suite of industry-leading AI tools—including Automate—to help e-commerce brands quickly automate at least 60% of their customer support. E-commerce brands can now exceed customer expectations with instant, accurate, and on-brand answers to customer questions, freeing up time to build sophisticated customer experiences.

Gorgias puts every conversation in one place. This brings together all the channels that shoppers use to contact online stores and integrates those conversations into a unified CX platform built on a suite of AI features that help CX teams deliver experiences that drive growth. The AI-powered features and integrations that flow data to Shopify, Loop Returns, Recharge, and 100+ other e-commerce tools differentiate Gorgias from rival services.

Gorgias is the leading CX platform for Shopify, and over 15,000 brands of all sizes trust Gorgias to transform CX into an efficient, revenue-generating channel, including Steve Madden, Olipop, Glamnetic, TUSHY, and Marine Layer.

The funding will specifically be used to launch Gorgias’s AI Agent – which is a fully autonomous AI teammate built on brands’ own knowledge bases, data, and integrations. And AI Agent can instantly answer tickets, perform actions in other apps, and match a brand’s tone of voice, all while ensuring that human hand-off is always possible and smooth for the customer. Launching in July and in beta recently, AI Agent is already being used by leading brands like Psycho Bunny, who have automated more than 25% of email tickets, responding to and resolving them in minutes, not hours, all while achieving a higher CSAT than their human team.


“AI is now unlocking a new channel of growth for brands. The opportunity for e-commerce brands is to leverage AI that puts them in control, which means AI built upon the brand’s own data and fully integrated with the ecom stack. Reliable AI frees CX teams from responding to shipping questions to building relationships and selling.”

– Romain Lapeyre, CEO and Co-Founder of Gorgias

“The combination of AI and human agents is the future of support. AI will never deliver perfect experiences by itself. But on the flip-side, having too much support overhead can really hurt a business. Our team is excited to leverage Gorgias’s AI Agent to strike the right balance and deliver perfect customer experiences.”

– Tosha Moyer, Senior Customer Experience Manager at Psycho Bunny

“Businesses everywhere are looking to get a competitive edge through AI, but there are very few solutions on the market that actually deliver tangible results for their users. The team at Gorgias is one of the rare exceptions, which is why we are excited to continue investing in Romain, Alex, and their team to deliver solutions that are far ahead in a crowded market.”

– Jason Lemkin, founder and CEO of SaaStr and SaaStr Fund