Healthcare Data Platform-As-A-Service Company Clearsense Raises $30 Million

By Dan Anderson ● April 18, 2021
  • Clearsense announced recently that it closed a $30 million round of funding. These are the details.

Clearsense — an advanced data management and analytics technology platform serving the healthcare industry — announced recently that it closed a $30 million round of funding in a partnership led by Health Catalyst Capital. And Clearsense will use the new capital to build out its technology and advisory services to lead enterprise data strategies, empowering access to and value from data in ways that weren’t previously possible.

The funding and market opportunities has been timely as the healthcare industry needs to streamline access and usage of data. And COVID-19 accelerated the need for data to be easily aggregated, curated, and highly visual with existing technologies proving inadequate to support the digital acceleration healthcare demands.

What Clearsense does is provide an adaptable data platform capable of bringing value across all healthcare verticals, including providers and payers, breaking the barriers between industry silos and leading to new efficiencies, insights, cost-savings, transparency, and a focus on value-based analytics. And as an adjunctive solution, Clearsense operates within any technology landscape, bringing additional value to current technology investments.

With this investment by Health Catalyst Capital, Clearsense is going to continue to innovate and develop its solutions, including the Clearsense DataHub – which will operate as the central nervous system for healthcare data, further enabling automation of data curation, preparation, normalization, and governance to streamline the ability for data to be used meaningfully and with full transparency. And Clearsense will continue the expansion of advisory services, bringing industry experts in data governance, data science, research, advanced analytics, and more to operationalize data across the enterprise to ensure long-term momentous results.


“Our goal from the very beginning was to create a completely flexible, end-to-end data solution that drives clinical, financial, and operational solutions without limit. We’ve been able to drive that mission through novel data management technologies with a focus on automation and advanced AI and machine learning analytics capabilities.”

“We’re seeing a real drive to make data-driven decisions in healthcare, especially with the use of AI and machine learning. Giving clinicians and researchers the tools to take their hypothesis and create their own cohorts to drive the data that can improve patient health, we’re really enabling citizen data science, better patient care, and an environment for breakthrough discoveries at a record pace.”

— Clearsense Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Charles Boicey

“Health Catalyst Capital is proud to drive this round of financing for Clearsense to revolutionize data and analytics technologies. In 2020 the Clearsense team innovated impressive solutions for customers, a testament to the growth and resilience of the team. We are excited to see where they take data maturity for healthcare and beyond.”

— Charles Boorady, Founding Managing Director of Health Catalyst Capital

“Our advanced data platform technology is architected specifically for healthcare, and we aim to improve patient care at all levels of the organization. The investment and partnership with HCC enable our continued growth and bring a strategic partner with a healthcare focus.”

— Clearsense Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Gene Scheurer