Hireology Announces A New Mobile App To Make Automotive Hiring Easier

By Annie Baker ● February 6, 2020
  • Hireology, a leading recruitment CRM for multi-location and decentralized enterprises, announced it is launching a new mobile application later this summer

Hireology — a leading recruitment CRM for multi-location and decentralized enterprises — announced it is launching a new mobile application later this summer. This mobile application will enable hiring managers to engage candidates on-the-go, hire faster, and avoid losing applicants to competing job offers in a tight labor market. And the app will be available for all customers and included in the base subscription price.

“Today’s hiring market is incredibly challenging for dealers across the country, with low unemployment and a quickly evolving HR tech landscape,” said Hireology co-founder and CEO Adam Robinson. “Timeliness and efficiency are critical when looking to secure top talent. Our mobile app meets hiring managers where they are—the office, the train, the sales floor—and enables the hiring process to fit seamlessly into the dealership day-to-day. But most importantly, we’re strengthening the lines of communication between hiring managers and qualified candidates.”

The major features and benefits of Hireology’s mobile app include the ability to prioritize key job openings during the applicant review process, review prescreen survey results and other applicant information, communicate with colleagues on-the-go, and customize email templates for timely candidate updates.”

This year, we are focused on listening deeper to our customers and innovating directly to address their biggest pain points,” added Ves Atanasov, Vice President of Product at Hireology. “Simplicity in process and efficiency through automation are at the top of our list. The Hireology mobile application is the first of several product updates that will empower our customers to continue to build their best teams in 2020.”

Later this year, Hireology is celebrating 10 years of helping dealers build their teams. And Hireology’s mobile app announcement comes on the heels of the company’s Dealertrack partnership, announced in late January.

The integration with Dealertrack provides a more accurate and streamlined flow of employee data with hiring, time and attendance, payroll processing and reporting, benefits administration, and talent management all in one platform.