HydroX AI: Trust, Risk, And Security Management Company Raises $4 Million

By Amit Chowdhry • Jul 9, 2024

HydroX AI (see Pulse 2.0 profile here), an AI-based company with the industry’s first comprehensive all-in-one large language model (LLM) safety and security platform, announced the closing of a $4 million angel round from Vitalbridge Capital, Atom Capital, and AI expert Qi Lu.

This funding will provide the means for HydroX AI to continue LLM safety innovation, validate demand, and further the platform’s market entry goals. And the funding comes during a fast-growing segment of the exploding LLM AI market. And global LLM revenue is projected to grow to 260 billion by 2030.

HydroX AI has found that a typical LLM is vulnerable to attack and compromise in as little as three months from release, which means constant security measure updates are a must. So HydroX AI sees great need and potential in the AI Trust, Risk, and Security Management (AI TRiSM) sector.

HydroX AI was created to address these LLM risks by offering a comprehensive platform for the evaluation, mitigation, protection, and monitoring of Large Language Model (LLM) safety and security in the four trust domains: safety, privacy, integrity and security.

HydroX also announced the official launch of EPASS, which is its cutting-edge Evaluation Platform for AI Safety and Security. And this platform enables precision evaluation and management of AI models, offering detailed insights that empower users to understand and enhance the safety, security, privacy, and integrity of their AI systems. Plus, EPASS serves as a crucial tool in a landscape where robust evaluation frameworks are imperative due to the substantial ethical, social, and existential risks associated with AI technologies.

The platform enables stakeholders across industries to manage and compare AI models easily, enhancing decision-making and improving AI system reliability without having to build an expensive in-house evaluation team and infrastructure. All standard accounts come with essential features, including one model evaluation daily, one attack method, and one evaluation per category.

HydroX AI is now in early development, engaging with major LLM companies. Several of these companies have seen notable enhancements from the platform, showcasing EPASS’s potential and affirming its strategy for tackling trust issues in LLMs. These endorsements from leading LLM companies highlight its pioneering role and also secure a first-mover advantage in the crucial, evolving field of AI safety and security.

HydroX AI was launched by Zhuo Li – who was the former head of the Privacy and Data Protection Office at Bytedance. Before Bytedance, Li developed his expertise at Meta and LinkedIn, contributing significantly to privacy and security measures. And the team includes Head of Engineering Yuji Kosuga, with deep roots in the field through experiences at companies such as LinkedIn, Google, and Meta, underscoring their profound dedication to advancing AI safety and security.


“The blending of artificial intelligence with society is just starting. It raises issues beyond privacy and security, including ethics, learning, and mental effects. Looking ahead, security will be key, not just for protection but as a foundation for AI’s growth.“

– Ben, partner at Vitalbridge Capital