Indianapolis-Based MetaCX Raises More Than $14 Million

By Annie Baker ● December 7, 2018

MetaCX, an Indianapolis-based startup that helps businesses manage customers and customers manage vendors, has announced that it raised more than $14 million in funding. This round of funding was led by Upfront Ventures.

Scott McCorkle, the co-founder and CEO of MetaCX, joined the High Alpha venture studio in Indianapolis as an Executive in Residence in early 2017 and launched MetaCX. Prior to launching MetaCX, he was the CEO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and was the President of ExactTarget. ExactTarget was acquired by Salesforce for $2.5 billion back in 2013.


MetaCX has created a digital success layer that that fosters better collaboration between suppliers and buyers of enterprise software. And it offers real-time visibility into customer success. Currently, MetaCX is in closed beta. MetaCX’s dashboard shows metrics such as the amount of time that is spent in an app and the number of active users. And customers are able to see patterns and provide feedback, according to ForbesMetaCX is expected to launch publicly in early 2019.

“Our founding team includes world-class engineers, designers and architects who have been building billion-dollar SaaS products for two decades,” said McCorkle in a statement. “We understand that enterprises often struggle to achieve the business outcomes they expect from SaaS, and the renewal process for SaaS suppliers is often an ambiguous guessing game. Our industry is shifting from a subscription economy to a performance economy, where suppliers and buyers of digital products need to transparently collaborate to achieve outcomes.”

The investment in MetaCX from Upfront was put together by partner Kobie Fuller. Fuller will be joining MetaCX’s board of directors in conjunction with this funding round. High Alpha managing partner and former CEO and co-founder of ExactTarget Scott Dorsey is also joining the board. Dorsey said he was thrilled to be working with McCorkle again, who he believes is “an extraordinary tech leader and visionary.”


“The MetaCX team is building a truly disruptive platform that will inject data-driven transparency, commitment and accountability against promised outcomes between SaaS buyers and vendors,” added Fuller. “Having been on the journey with much of this team while shaping the martech industry with ExactTarget, I’m incredibly excited to partner again in building another category-defining business with Scott and his team in Indianapolis.”