Infosys (INFY) Launching Springboard In The U.S.

By Amit Chowdhry ● Feb 17, 2022
  • Infosys Foundation USA – in collaboration with Infosys (NYSE: INFY) – announced the launch of the Infosys Springboard learning program in the U.S. These are the details.

Infosys Foundation USA – in collaboration with Infosys (NYSE: INFY) – announced the launch of the Infosys Springboard learning program in the U.S. to empower educators, students, and aspiring professionals with digital skills to be successful in the 21st Century. And Infosys Springboard includes content across the digital learning, maker education, and professional life skills continuum. The integrated digital skills program includes 3 lifelong learning offerings: ‘Educating the Future’, ‘Upskilling Today’ and ‘Reskilling for Tomorrow’ – meeting all learners where they are on their digital journey, irrespective of background or educational development.

Across the 3 offerings, Infosys Springboard aims to democratize access to digital learning that empowers aspirants across the spectrum from K-12 teachers and students to post-secondary learners, all the way to professionals seeking to reskill. And the initiative will be led by a dedicated team of experts, curriculum partners, non-profits, and a global network of leading educational institutions, to offer these online programs free to diverse learners:

— Educating the Future through the Pathfinders Online Institute, which is an online platform offering dynamic computer science and maker education content for K-12 teachers, students, and families, including live events, on-demand courses, professional development, as well as free kits and instructional licenses to enrich the K-12 classroom.

— Upskilling Today with the Digital Academy, which is an online platform that provides upskilling opportunities in the latest digital trends, soft skills, and emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity for the benefit of post-secondary learners or others seeking transferable skills aligned to the digital future.

— Reskilling for Tomorrow with Reskill and Restart, which is an online platform that brings together professionals, trainers, and employers in a guided journey that begins with an aptitude and skills assessment, is followed by curated role-specific digital skills training pathways and culminates in matching skills with opportunities of the digital economy.


“We know that technology jobs are exploding across the US, however only 51% of US public high schools teach computer science. It is imperative that we all work together to ‘start early’ investing in the generations who will need digital skills to thrive in the 21st Century economy. Infosys Foundation USA is all-in to support the commitment to bring lifelong digital skills across the U.S. so that all can fully participate in the technology opportunities of the future.”

— Kate Maloney, Executive Director, Infosys Foundation USA

“Our goal has long been to put our digital expertise and capabilities to work to improve society, arming people with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the future. Challenges resulting from the pandemic have continued to reinforce the urgent need for accessible instruments of digital learning for people from all walks of life. That’s exactly why we believe the expansion of Infosys Springboard in the U.S. is an important investment in our students, educators, workforce, and the digital infrastructure of our country.”

— Ravi Kumar, President, Infosys and Chairperson of Infosys Foundation USA