Anti-Phishing Startup INKY Announces $6 Million In Additional Funding

By Dan Anderson ● Nov 19, 2019
  • College Park, Maryland-based next-gen anti-phishing startup INKY Technology announced it has raised $6 million in funding led by ClearSky Security

INKY Technology Corporation — a College Park, Maryland-based next-gen anti-phishing startup — announced it has raised $6 million in additional funding led by ClearSky Security as well as participation from Gula Tech Adventures to close out the company’s series A round of funding. Gula Tech Adventures founder Ron Gula is joining INKY’s Board of Advisors in conjunction with the funding round.

“This latest round of funding allows INKY to significantly expand its market reach and further extend its considerable lead in anti-phishing technology over both competitors and cybercriminals,” said David Baggett, CEO of INKY.

Baggett is also known as a co-founder of ITA Software. ITA Software was a leading airfare search company that Google acquired for $730 million in 2011 and it is now used to power Google Flights.

INKY was built to use the power of computer vision technology to sift through the deceptive ways in which criminals are putting together phishing attacks today. And INKY can detect and block phishing attacks that use even the most sophisticated tactics like hidden text and altered logos before they reach end-users.

“In the 18 months since our foundational investment in INKY, the company has racked up numerous key commercial wins and has improved the intelligence of the core INKY Phish Fence product well beyond what incumbent vendors are capable of. We’re thrilled to support INKY at this exciting inflection point for the company,” added Peter Kuper, Managing Partner ClearSky Security.

INKY Phish Fence — which is the company’s flagship anti-phishing solution — is equipped with anomaly detection algorithms and computer vision technology to identify and block brand forgery emails, spear phishing attempts, and extortion attacks. Plus it can also alert employees with helpful warning banners to unusual or suspicious emails thus giving users specific guidance on potentially problematic messages.

“As an early investor in INKY and team, I’ve seen the real benefits of the company’s computer vision technology in preventing and catching phishing attacks before they are able to execute ahead of legacy anti-phishing technologies on the market today,” explained Ron Gula, Founder, Gula Tech Adventures.