Investment Decision Optimization Company Innovesta Raises $2.7 Million

By Annie Baker ● September 9, 2019
  • Innovesta — a women-led company known for optimizing investment decisions using objective and validated data — has announced it raised $2.7 million

Innovesta — a women-led company known for optimizing investment decisions using objective and validated data — announced it raised $2.7 million after the latest funding round led by top investors from Israel and the USA. The company began after an initial $500,000 grant from the Innovation Authority funded by the Israeli government.

The criteria for that investment was based on having solid intellectual property — which was the foundation Innovesta developed its technology around. And from there, the company built an international team of industry leaders with experience working and accelerating technology companies globally.

With additional funding that total $2.7 million from investors like The BSeed Group, Hana Rado, Mobileye investors Yigal Tamir and other industry leaders, the company started its expansion to the US and attracted Draper Network members Goren Holm Ventures (GHV).

Founded by Alon Goren and Josef Holm, GHV included Innovesta in its portfolio after understanding both the solid leadership and sound intellectual property behind the team. As GHV is a member of the Draper Venture Network — which is led by legendary investor Tim Draper (who is known for picking early-stage companies like Twitter and Skype).

Innovesta CEO Yali Harari and Innovesta’s co-founder Keren Kay had met Goren and Holm three years ago at a crowdfunding event in Los Angeles. And the meeting served as the foundation for what became an explosive partnership.

“Innovesta is offering a new way to look at private companies, enabling investors to Innodex their investment opportunities, and customize areas they want to deep dive into based on their experience, corporate strategy, and goals,” said Harari. “It’s an honor to have visionary investors such as Goren, Holm and of course Tim Draper recognizing our innovative platform and partnering with us on this journey.”

Goren pointed out that the feeling was mutual.

“Innovesta is a tremendous addition to our portfolio because it’s a navigational and investment management platform which provides insights that all investors can benefit from. There is a dearth of trust-worthy information on private companies- Innovesta not only fills this gap, it has created a market for itself,” added Goren.

The venture capitalists were especially interested in the strong technical background that the team has including the patented Innodex Innodex is the home to all of the data that is aggregated about private companies. And the logic behind the Innodex is that it aggregates crowd-verified information about and from private companies by qualities such as level of corporate integrity, leadership background, business agility, and the sentiment of the crowd. Plus the Innodex dashboard is a representation of many processes and is channeled through a clear and user-friendly display.

Innodex is available at both an individual level to everyone from private investors and nonaccredited Main Street investors to a more expansive enterprise-level solution available to entire teams. And Innovesta strives to become a beacon for the non-accredited investors who are gaining access to an increasingly wider range of investment opportunities through token offerings and Regulation A+ offerings.

And Innovesta’s data is verified by a set of AI and machine learning algorithms as well as a matching pool of over 1 million community members that consists of industry experts and thought leaders that provide a wealth of varied opinions. Innovesta’s technology is in full alignment with the blockchain philosophy, bringing necessary layers of transparency and objectivity to the investment space as never seen before.