Insight Venture Partners Acquires Episerver For $1.1 Billion

By Dan Anderson ● September 7, 2018

Insight Venture Partners has announced that it has acquired Irvine, California-based Episerver for $1.1 billion from Accel-KKR. Episerver is known for working with marketers as a content management system.

In 2015, Accel-KKR combined Episerver with Ektron. During that time, Episerver had 8,800 customers across 30 countries and was offering digital assets for over 30,000 websites. 

Episerver believes that this deal will help the company expand on its global growth strategy and market presence. And it should dramatically expand adoption for the company’s Digital Experience Cloud platform.


“Our vision has always been to empower our customers to move faster and bring their ideas to life. By marrying intelligent content, commerce, and marketing campaigns on a single platform in the cloud, and backed by our global partner ecosystem, we’re proud to have helped so many organizations accelerate the time to value from their digital transformation initiatives,” said Episerver’s president and CEO Mark Duffell in a statement. “We’ve been fortunate through our long-term partnership with Accel-KKR to deliver on our vision and in so doing grow Episerver to its current stage and market position. We believe that this new and exciting partnership with Insight Venture Partners will provide us with the ability to accelerate our product roadmap, expand our sales and marketing efforts, enhance our partner program, and ultimately grow our brand.”

Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud unifies digital content, commerce, and marketing in one platform, including omnichannel solutions for intelligent campaigns and smart personalization.

“Episerver is at the center of a global digital transformation market that IDC expects to reach $1.7 trillion through 2019 and is expertly helping businesses of all sizes to digitize, optimize and personalize customer experiences,” added Insight Venture Partners managing director Deven Parekh. “As a firm that specializes in partnering with innovative software companies we’ve made a significant commitment to accelerate growth. Episerver is the perfect addition to our portfolio, and we look forward to working with the talented team on the next phase of this incredible opportunity.”