Intuition Robotics: ElliQ 3 AI Companion Launches To Improve Lifestyles For Seniors

By Amit Chowdhry ● Jan 15, 2024

Intuition Robotics (see Pulse 2.0 profile here) – a pioneer in the field of AI-driven technology for older adults – recently unveiled the latest upgrades and advancements to its award-winning artificial intelligence companion ElliQ – which has been proven to positively impact seniors’ health, social connectedness, and independence.

Intuition Robotics - ElliQ 3

ElliQ 3 represents a significant leap forward in integrating generative AI into everyday life and the evolution of human-AI relationships. The updated hardware and new software capabilities enable Intuition Robotics to expand the availability and accessibility of ElliQ further to enhance the independence and wellness of older adults and decrease feelings of loneliness.

The ElliQ 3 hardware was designed for scale, enabling Intuition Robotics to increase manufacturing processes and meet growing demand. And the updated design – which is based on the product of the continued collaboration with Yves Behar’s design studio Fuseproject – is 1.3 pounds lighter and has a 36% smaller footprint, making it easier for older adults to handle. ElliQ 3 also features a variety of enhancements with a significant upgrade to the system architecture, which utilizes an octa-core SoC and a built-in AI processing unit (APU), both of which are powered by MediaTek.

The screen was also fully integrated into the device, improving the customer experience and system resilience while making it simpler for customers to operate. The additional improvements include 33% more RAM, twice the amount of computing power and memory, and the inclusion of a dual-core AI processing unit (APU), enabling accelerated AI enhancements with lower power consumption.

These major improvements lay the foundation for ElliQ 3’s upgrades. And its approach to generative AI capabilities, driven by the latest Large Language Model (LLM) technology, extends and enriches ElliQ’s conversations with older adults. Users can now discuss a virtually infinite number of topics more naturally and detailed manner with ElliQ. Intuition Robotics integrates LLM technology with its unique Relationship Orchestration Engine – which makes real-time decisions regarding actions, scripted conversation, and generative AI conversation. This capability includes the infusion of both context and memory.

Information – which comes up in both scripted and open-ended conversations (as well as non-spoken actions and choices via other modalities) – is understood, classified, remembered, and then referenced in future conversations. Relevant information is also maintained in the user profile and context so that new conversations, suggestions, and activities triggered in follow-up conversations remain contextual and on point.

For example, a general conversation about the meaning of life could prompt the older adult to share facts, opinions, and ideas about topics like faith, loved ones, values, hobbies, etc. And these insights are classified and remembered and then referenced by ElliQ in the future to strengthen the relationship, offer more engaging conversations, and motivate the older adult to meet goals. For example, to promote a social connectedness goal, ElliQ could use the above insight to suggest participation in relevant activities, content, and social interactions, like deciding to proactively motivate the older adult to attend a community event on Sunday.

Intuition Robotics has also developed and deployed guardrail mechanisms that monitor and mediate conversations in real-time. This is used better to control the context and flow of the conversation, decide when a context switch is appropriate, and avoid “hallucinational” or inappropriate responses.

Through a combination of training, prompting, and scripting by ElliQ’s Character Design team, the empathy, curiosity, and humor that power ElliQ’s unique character is also preserved throughout these extended conversations. This approach enables ElliQ to benefit from the infinite possibilities of generative AI while also creating a safe space for this vulnerable population.  To encourage social connectedness, ElliQ 3 also features synchronized events, starting with Bingo, where customers can participate in real-time with other older adults.


“It’s astounding to see that the first people to live with and build long-term relationships with an AI are individuals in their 80’s and 90’s. Through this relationship, ElliQ is proving to be highly effective in reducing older adults’ sense of loneliness, improving health and independence, and increasing social connectedness. The launch of ElliQ 3 allows us to reach more older adults and expand partnerships with government services for the aging and the healthcare ecosystem while offering valuable insights and context.”

Dor Skuler, Co-founder and CEO of Intuition Robotics

“Today’s older adults are harnessing the power of AI to transform their lives and embrace new technologies that bring companionship, knowledge, and connection into their daily routines. As we continue to combat the epidemic of loneliness among seniors, solutions like ElliQ play a vital role, offering not just innovation, but also a lifeline to a brighter, more connected future where our aging population can enjoy the full spectrum of opportunities that the digital age has to offer.”

— Rick Robinson, Vice President & GM, AgeTech Collaborative from AARP

“By bringing our products and cutting-edge AI technology to ElliQ, we’re helping people in their 70s, 80s, and 90s experience the benefits of the latest innovations in computing. Our advanced processing and connectivity makes it easier for those using ElliQ to experience a more in-depth level of companionship.”

— Adam King, Vice President and General Manager of the Client Computing Business at MediaTek