KeepTruckin Brings In Strategic Funding From ITOCHU

By Annie Baker ● September 12, 2019
  • KeepTruckin announced it has raised a capital investment from ITOCHU Corporation that includes a strategic business alliance

KeepTruckin — a leader in modern fleet management solutions — recently announced a capital investment from ITOCHU Corporation that includes a strategic business alliance. With this round of funding, KeepTruckin is going to forward its commitment to creating innovative technology and apply advancements in machine learning to make the transportation industry safer and more efficient.

KeepTruckin is known for transforming fleet management by bringing the trucking industry online and it serves more than 55,000 for-hire carriers and 250,000 vehicles.

“ITOCHU is a powerhouse in the transportation logistics space, and their investment in KeepTruckin underscores the importance of bringing intuitive tools to the trucking industry,” said KeepTruckin CEO and co-founder Shoaib Makani, CEO and co-founder, KeepTruckin. “Itochu’s expertise aligns with our solutions and we’re excited to partner with Itochu to bring value to a broader set of customers and markets.”


The company reduces facility detention time, exonerates drivers in traffic accidents, and streamlines regulatory compliance. And KeepTruckin is broadening its services to help carriers manage their operations and grow their businesses.

ITOCHU — one of the largest Japanese trading companies which is distinguished by its automotive and operations relationships — is going to be partnering with KeepTruckin to build the future of freight. And this collaboration will see KeepTruckin’s innovative products and data science expertise combined with ITOCHU’s vast U.S. and overseas commercial networks. Plus the strategic partnership will accelerate KeepTruckin’s business growth and reinforce ITOCHU’s vehicle/truck-sector product sales and financial and logistics capabilities.

“As transportation innovators in long haul and local transportation, we seek to invest in companies that understand the vision of what’s needed to transform an industry through innovative solutions with market-oriented perspective,” added ITOCHU executive officer Takanori Morita. “KeepTruckin is a proven leader in the North American trucking industry. We’re excited to partner with them as they build an open freight marketplace that leverages the connectivity and data unlocked by its market-leading fleet management platform.”