Kore.ai Receives Funding From Vistara Capital

By Noah Long ● Nov 18, 2019
  • Leading conversational AI platform provider Kore.ai announced it raised growth capital from Vistara Capital Partners

Kore.ai — a leading conversational AI platform provider — announced it has raised growth capital from Vistara Capital Partners. This round of funding will be used to support Kore.ai’s continued advancement of the conversational AI technology for the enterprise sector and also accelerate its global growth initiatives.

What does Kore.ai do? Kore.ai offers an all-in-one conversational AI platform (as-a-service) that enables enterprises to build and deploy out-of-the-box or customized chatbots/virtual assistants for customers and workforce.

And it combines natural language processing, machine learning, and AI into enterprise-wide collaboration and automation with conversational interfaces thus supporting the growing mandate for digital transformation.

“Kore.ai continues to make bold investments in its market-leading technology that enables organizations to discover new ways of engaging customers and ensuring enterprise-wide collaboration through exceptional conversational experience,” said Raj Koneru, founder and CEO of Kore.ai. “With the flexible growth capital financing package provided by Vistara, Kore.ai is poised to further its vision of creating intelligent enterprises through conversational AI.”

Kore.ai is continually adding capabilities to its conversational AI platform to remain a leader in the industry while bringing other targeted solutions to the artificial intelligence market that is seeing exploding demand in areas like enterprise digital assistants and pre-built intelligent solutions bots.

“As we looked at the market opportunity for Conversational AI, Kore.ai really stood out to us with its proven enterprise-grade platform that has been implemented with numerous highly discerning global customers, and recognized by leading industry analysts,” added Randy Garg, founder and managing partner of Vistara Capital Partners. “We are also very excited to be backing this proven management team and look forward to continuing to support their accelerated growth over the years ahead.”

Kore.ai is also seeing increasing demand with a pipeline of Global 2000 clients from a cross-section of industries and geographies. And leading players in banking, financial services, telecom, healthcare, insurance, travel, hospitality, and other industries have utilized the Kore.ai platform’s rich feature-set to deploy Conversational AI-powered chatbots across several use cases like customer service, IVR call center, IT services management, HR, knowledge management, IoT and smart automation.

Marlin & Associates served as the exclusive strategic and financial advisor to Kore.ai for this transaction.