Last-Mile Delivery Company MetroSpeedy Raises $5 Million

By Dan Anderson ● Oct 9, 2021
  • MetroSpeedy, a growing last-mile delivery software and services company with innovative solutions, announced it raised $5 million. These are the details.

MetroSpeedy — a rapidly growing last-mile delivery software and services company with innovative solutions — announced it closed $5 million in seed funding for technological advancement, additional fulfillment hubs, expansion into new markets, and talent acquisition. AddVenture Fund led the round of financing — which included strategic investments from TMT Investments, TA Ventures, Joint Journey, Fores Investments, and Vershina Capital.

Launched in 2017 by CEO Nancy Korayim, MetroSpeedy is focused on helping businesses across all industries to provide cost-effective, efficient same-day and next-day delivery. And they have multiple micro fulfillment locations which provide close proximity to customers and rapid fulfillment. And MetroSpeedy utilizes eco-friendly electric vehicles to provide zero-emission delivery wherever possible.

The company’s technology enables 2X-3X more deliveries per hour and powers their analytics aggregator. And this proprietary technology consolidates deliveries across businesses to the same customer so someone who has a prescription, dry cleaning and groceries arriving can receive them at the same time. Now the company has a community of drivers making over 1,000 deliveries per day.


“MetroSpeedy has been profitable since our first year in business with steady increases year over year and a notable increase over 2020. We are proud of our achievements and support from our investors. This seed funding will help us meet accelerating demand by boosting our proprietary tech platforms and infrastructure. We will also make key hires this year to support our growth into additional markets. The best is yet to come- we have an exciting consumer-facing launch on the horizon.”

— Nancy Korayim

“MetroSpeedy’s execution in the last-mile delivery space has been exemplary.  Especially during the lockdown, they have shown why they are an essential service for New York residents and business owners. The environmentally-friendly approach, dedication to service quality, and best-in-class technology make them the indispensable partner for any business with last-mile logistics needs. I’m proud to back them, and I’m looking forward to working with Nancy.”

— Max Medvedev, Founding Partner of AddVenture Fund

“We are super excited to support the female lead startup MetroSpeedy in one of the hottest sectors of hyper-local delivery space. We are absolutely sure that Nancy and her stellar team can build a successful story and change and optimize the landscape of logistics globally.”

— Viktoriya Tigipko, Founding Partner of TA Ventures

“We are thrilled to be an investor in MetroSpeedy because we believe that last mile delivery has become so important and necessary for businesses and consumers. It is truly the future of commerce. TMT Investments has grown four unicorns from their early stage, and our team believes that MetroSpeedy has the foundation to soon be the fifth one!”

— German Kaplun, Co-founding of TMT Investments

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