LatentView Analytics Unveils A New AI-Based Conversational Platform Called Casper

By Amit Chowdhry ● Updated June 13, 2019
  • LatentView Analytics recently announced a new AI-based conversational analytics platform called Casper
  • Casper enables anyone within a company to easily access customized reports and insights in visual, text, or voice form without any required code.

LatentView Analytics is a company that builds custom advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for enterprises such as PayPal, Microsoft, Expedia, and PepsiCo. Recently, LatentView Analytics launched Casper — which is a new AI-based conversational analytics platform that enables anyone within a company to easily access customized reports and insights in visual, text, or voice form without any required code.

Gartner is forecasting that “conversational first” will be adopted by the majority of enterprise IT organizations as the most important new platform paradigm by 2021 while superseding “cloud first, mobile first.” And to address this trend, LatentView Analytics is bringing the power of natural language voice assistants and conversational AI to a friendly and non-technical interface.

Casper features built-in intelligence that can be applied across various domains like market share analytics and digital marketing campaign analytics. And the platform eliminates the problem of large amounts of inaccessible and siloed data not being harnessed for competitive insights due to a lack of resources and technology. And with Casper, non-technical employees within a company can now unlock dormant data for making accurate decisions without coding skills or waiting for a data scientist or business analyst to provide a report.

“At LatentView Analytics, we are always looking to increase value for our clients. Productizing more of our services is a part of our roadmap as this ensures consistency of quality, offers meaningful benchmarks and drives reapplication of best practices across our client base. Casper is another major product launch and a milestone in this journey,” said LatentView Analytics Chief Product Officer Sekhar ‘Bond’ Krishnamoorthy. “To date, accessing vast amounts of available data on demand to make informed, often critical business decisions has been challenging for non-technical people within enterprises, requiring coding skills or teams of engineers, analysts, and data scientists. Casper brings us closer to the vision of ‘analytics for all’ and makes insights available to everybody with a user-friendly voice interface.”

Earlier this year, LatentView Analytics also announced that it named Rajan Sethuraman as CEO. Sethuraman succeeded Gopi Koteeswaran who served in the role since January 2014. Sethuraman was previously the Chief People Officer at LatentView Analytics.

Casper is differentiated by its conversational interface and it has significant domain-specific intelligence built in. Plus its AI-powered algorithms suggest follow up questions to data queries based on previous interactions and current context. As Casper is used more, its machine learning capability continuously generates smarter, more relevant suggestions, and insights. This delivers robust and consistent analytics across the enterprise — which is a necessity when non-experts are dealing with data and it allows them to focus on driving their business instead.

And Casper can ingest unstructured and structured data from any source. And it is capable of understanding natural language commands and outputting data in visual, text, or voice form. Plus Casper users can save their analyses and instantaneously share across teams via emails in real-time and on the go. And Casper is easy and fast to set up across the web, mobile (browser), or voice interface (Alexa, Siri, Google, etc.).