Laurie Segall And Derek Dodge Launch A Content Studio Called Dot Dot Dot

By Amit Chowdhry ● December 4, 2019
  • Laurie Segall and Derek Dodge have launched a new production company called Dot Dot Dot, which already launched its first podcast called “First Contact.”

CNN Senior Technology Correspondent Laurie Segall has launched a production company called Dot Dot Dot in collaboration with former Viacom Director of Programming Derek Dodge, according to Variety. Dot Dot Dot already launched its first podcast called “First Contact,” which is distributed by iHeartMedia.

“First Contact” will feature episodes about the rise of dating bots and discussions about privacy with WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton. Some of Dot Dot Dot’s advisors include CNN personality Van Jones and Michael Sugar.

“There is an opportunity for this type of content. It doesn’t necessarily break down into soundbites. It’s nuanced and complicated and lives in a grey area,” said Segall via Variety. “Some are for podcasts. Some are for documentaries. Some are for scripted shows. Some are for broadcast. They just don’t fit into one box.”

iHeart Podcast Network chief operating officer Will Pearson believes that these programs will appeal to anyone who is interested in technology. Being backed by iHeart is a big deal since it can use radio stations to generate wider pass along.

Podfund is one of the investors in Dot Dot Dot. And Nicola Korzenko told Variety that the decision to invest in Dot Dot Dot was fueled by the studio establishing itself first in audio and then branching out later.

“The real vision is a modern-day studio,” added Dodge via Variety. “We want to be creating and producing content for all of these different platforms, but we also want to have Dot Dot Dot be a brand that people know and have our own audience.”

Another investor in Dot Dot Dot is LionTree Partners. And LionTree’s digital media advisory subsidiary Kindred Media is going to provide support to Dot Dot Dot.

“The human experience rises above any consumer product, technology, or business model. Dot Dot Dot explores this complex and enduring relationship through the lens of the companies that define our culture, for better or worse,” explained LionTree founder and CEO Aryeh B. Bourkoff. “Kindred Media and LionTree are excited to support Laurie and her team as she begins this new journey.”